I Was One, Thirteen, Fourteen And Fifteen. Now I Am Eighteen.

When i was one, my mom and dad divorced, so i don't remeber that. I am not unhappy they did that though, because my mom remarried a guy named scott who already had a son, Jeffery. Later on, they had two more girls, Ty, who is four years younger than me, and Stephannie, who is eight years younger than me. My dad also remarried a woman named Becky. They had a little boy, Todd who is four years younger than me, and Isabelle, who is nine years younger than me. While things were rocky at times, i promised myself that there would not be another divorce. Well that did not work out very well.

Becky and dad divorced when i was thirteen, She had to be removed from the house by the cops. Since then she has been causing problems with my dad, saying things about the house, him, and even me. Because of her i am no longer able to see the family I had one her side. Not even my cousin, who was my age and my bestfriend.

My mom and Scott divorced when i was fourteen, less than a year later. Me and mom wound up moving into a trailer and that was when it got worse for me. I found out my mom had been cheating on Scott for years, sometimes with some of the men i grew up with being around.

i was fifteen for the bulk of our stay at the trailer. Durring seven months of that time she went through eight different guys. But she finnaly settled down with one of them when we were kicked out of the trailer by my ex-stepdad.

I was sixteen when i moved back in with my ex-stepdad. I went to his house on the weekends because me and mom were having...issues. Durring the week i stayed at my dads.

While at scotts i began drinking and a few other bad habbits. When he got a girlfriend though, things got worse for me. She had seven kids. Seven kids that did not listen to her at all. Eventually i was driven out by them, and a few months later, they broke up.

I am eighteen now and read to start college. My best friend is a guy from Ecuador that just left for home as I am writing this. I have kicked the majority of my bad habbits. And I am stronger for what i have been through. And now, you readers are some of the only people who know part of my story.
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You are one of the strongest people know, i well i havnt met you, but by reading this i felt inspired by you. Im happy that you can start your own life and that your doing better with your habbits. I hope your life will keep on a positive path. Thank you for this inspiring story.<br />