The Worst Weekend Of My Life. 3

When my dad came back to our house for me, he automatically hugged me and I could feel him start to sob too. I vividly remember my dad repeatedly saying "I'm sorry, this is all my fault, I wasn't strong enough." After a while of sobbing and hugging each other, my mom, dad, brother, and I sat down in our living room so I could hear what they wanted to tell me. After all that crying, I just wanted to listen and knew I had to be strong enough to do so. At the end of our "Family Meeting", I had learned many shocking things. For one, my dad had first cheated on my mom when I was two, and out of that affair came my half-brother, who I've never met, named Tyler. Secondly, I learned that my dad cheated on my mom for a second time with a women very much older than him. Furthermore, he met "her" on one of his many hikes, and they soon became close friends. Due to my mom's incapability to communicate well with my dad, my dad looked to this woman for emotional help. Eventually, my dad and this woman began to live a make believe life full of hotels, marriage, and many fun events. In the end, the meeting ended up with my mom emotional distraught because of several offensive things that my dad apparently said about my mom when he talked to this woman. I remember that while my dad was saying all that he was saying, I felt a strong feeling of strength, because I realized I wasn't even close to crying, but this would soon backfire in a bad way.. After this, my mom said she just wanted us to spend time together watching a movie while eating dinner, so we did.. There was still a lot more to come the next day.
gongju13 gongju13
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2012