The Worst Weekend Of My Life. 4

The Sunday that followed was actually very normal, but of course I still felt the sadness of my parents separating. I shed some tears any opportunity I had when I was alone. However, I had school the next day and couldn't miss a day. I told my mom that I wanted to tell my best friends what happened because I needed someone besides my parents to talk to. Further, I went to school the next day. I told my friends our normal "Hello's", but stayed quiet, waiting for the time to tell them. My friend, Amy, asked everyone how our weekends were, and I was the last to answer. I answered with "My parents separated." At first they didn't believe me, because I always joke around, but they realized I was telling the truth when I began to cry. I don't know why it was so hard to think or talk about it, but just even mentioning the fact that they separated just broke me. After a quick moment of me crying and them trying to console me, I knew I couldn't let it affect my school work. I did all the normal things, but I still had the whole events in the back of my mind. Eventually, during break, my friends asked me if I wanted to talk about it, so I said "Yeah." After I explained everything, they told me they were there for me. I asked them what their thoughts on the whole situation were, and they all said they were wondering how I was able to say everything I explained with such a calm face and tone of voice. At first, I didn't know the answer to it, so we just carried on with our school day. Every now and then, my friends would look my way and tell me to, "Stay strong", and "We're here for you". During that school week, I felt like life had maintained its monotonous ways, but there was an event during that week which would make my life feel as though its meaning was stronger..
gongju13 gongju13
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2012