The Worst Weekend Of My Life. 5

After several typically normal school days, the days at home were different. I would spend some days at our family house and some days at my dad's parent's house. My family was obviously not the same, and obviously didn't feel the same. I always wondered if I would just get used to the feeling, but just decided to push the thought to the back to mind. However, one day, when school had ended, I saw my dad's truck to pick me up like normal; but when I opened the door, I was surprised to see my mom in the car as well. As I entered the door, I knew I had to be cautious of the environment. After several moments of small talk with my parents, my parents decided to tell the "Big news." After a couple seconds of silence, my mom looked at me and said "Your father and I are not divorcing and are going to stay together." I was surprised at the comment, and I was also surprised to find myself feeling indifferent. I didn't want my parents to know that I was feeling that emotion, so I pretended to be happy. Soon after, my mom said, "I will try all that I can before I divorce your father, and with that, we're going to go to marriage counseling to fix our problems. I have to fix my inability to communicate well, and your father has to fix his reluntance to talk to me again." With that, my dad moved back home, and life continued. However, as my life ensued, I was going through an emotional battle within myself as well, and it truly frustrated me that I couldn't just be happy like most children would...
gongju13 gongju13
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2012