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Months have passed since my parents almost separated, and I'm happy to say that I am back to my normal self for the most part. However, it did take a lot to get to where I am. For one, it took a lot more reflecting than I usually do, and secondly, it took talking to my father directly about everything. At first, I found myself mad and sad at the same time. I was mad at both my parents: My mom, because of her inability to communicate well, and my dad for choosing the path he chose to cope with feeling apprehensive about talking to my mom about how he feels; and I was sad for obvious reasons. I was basically in a morose time of life.. As life went on, my morose state subdued a substantial amount. However, I do have moments where I find myself reflecting too much into the topic and ending up crying when I'm alone. I believe this is just something I may never get over fully, but as long as I am happy for the most part, I see a point to strive in life with the same motivation, if not more, that I had before. My parents have reached a point where they are comfortable with each other, and show affection to each other every now and then. For the most part, my family is happy like it once was, and may even be stronger than before. One thing that I know has benefited from this is the fact that my relationship with my father has grown. I am able to talk to him more openly now, which makes me elated.. So I end this story with two facts: 1) My family is happy to be back to the way it was and with more strength and 2) The one thing that stays on my mind most is that I have a half-brother out there; and that I don't know who he is, where he is, what he's like, and what he looks like...
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A similar thing happened to me over a year ago, but the problem is that my parents almost split up for stupid reasons, they never cheated on each other and nothing serious had ever happened. I managed to hear their discussions and I was impressed by the stupidity of the reasons my father was mad at my mother. If they knew how much people are suffering in their lives for things that are much more serious, they would have never been mad at each other. Right now, they seem to be normal and haven't split up so far, but I don't believe they love each other anymore. Anyway, I can't worry about all this things because I must have good marks at school to enter the course in university that I want.
Anyway, thank you for sharing, maybe I will share my experience soon too.
Regards from the Azores.

Just keep loving them both and everything should be fine for you in regards to them. :)