My Childhood

my parents divorced when i was a child i see my dad every tuesday now he come to my moms house to see me we have a laugh and talk a alot about random stuff we have a great time but i will never forget what happened when when i was a kid with my parents they used to argue a lot i used to hear them in my room and cry in my pillow listening to them down stairs i remember the once i was down stairs when they started to argue then it turned into my dad punching the door and putting a hole in both doors and getting my mom by the throat and trying to strangle her he did like what she was wearing so he got a knife and ripped this tracksuit up see my dad is very dodgy he used to go out a start to rob houses and cars and sell them on to his mates then they used to come to the door for the stuff which he hid in the attic and back garden until the cops come and arrested him as he tried to leg it over the fence and over the allotments but he got caught and nearly got sent down but he didnt they let him off i cried soo much and they was always arguing about money that was the main issue my dad is loaded (has a lot of money) but he dresses like he dont and is very tight with his money he only used to give me £5.00 for my birthday until 2 years ago im now 23 years old but i should be grateful i got any money off him i used to and still do dread asking my dad for money his better now his gives me a lot more now its not about the money its about asking my dad for something with the constant arguing off him with me his very close mined and if he didnt like something said he changes subject very quickly and refuses to go back i do love my dad his helped me lot with problems and stuff and we always used to go to fates and fairs and hang out and have a laugh and take the mick of of each other its great i connect more with my dad more than my mom and she gets very jealous of it i have let go of the past with my mom and dad my dad acts like his 17 again getting into fights and running his mouth at people and dressing like a 17 year old chav dossing all day (he refuses o get a job from the day i was born so he dont have to pay child maintenance and still doesnt work see what i mean tight ) even though my dad is tight i will still buy me a breakfast and a drink (coke non alcoholic ) for me and my mate oh and get this the once he brought me a jigsaw puzzle for 3 years and up there was only 4 pieces to it and i was 16 years old but at least he brought me something some people dont even get that so i guess im lucky to see both parents
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Sad, but interesting. You've been through some tough times. I'm glad you can get through it all and still have a positive attitude.

i like that you try to see the positive even in dire circumstances. so glad that you are on good terms with both your parents!!

thank you yeah i write how i remember things then i get down so i try to bring myself up by seeing the positive in things

very touching.