How Divorce Changed My Life

My name is Izabella and Im 16 years old. I attend high school and am going into grade 11. My life is great. I have a wonderfull family, one brother and one sister, 3 step sisters and 3 step brothers, and the cutest puppy on the planet. I play piano and sing for lots of events. Im an A student, always have been. I have tons of friends and I love to have fun whenever possible. I have a boyfriend of 6 months and we love eachother to death :) My life sounds great eh? It is, but it hasnt always been that way.

When I was 12 years old, I lived on a farm in a small town. My brother and sister were both living on their own. My parents loved eachother and everything was perfect, in my eyes at least. But being as niave as a 12 year old can get, it wasnt actually how it looked. My dad was an alcoholic and my mom and I started to go to AA meatings (meetings for family members to learn how to cope with alcoholics). My dad did not know this.This was all new to me as I was suddenly learning my family wasnt as perfect as I thought it was. From this point on, everything started falling apart. My mom and dad started fighting constantly and soon slept in different beds on different floors of our house. A couple months later, my mom and dad locked themselves in a room and talked for a long 3 hours. After, my mom came to my room and told me they were going to get a divorce. I was shocked and very sad but I accepted the fact. Although, my dad got even more mad. He began keeping a knife under his pillow and began drinking more and more. Me and my mom became very scared. We moved out about 1 and a half months later because we were so scared. We had nowhere to live, and he would not give us any of our belongings. So we basically had to live off of what was on our backs. We ended up living with a family friend, but she did not treat me very well. So I then moved in with my best friend. I didnt associate with my dad at all and rarely got to see my mom. My dad left me a voicemail one day and told me that if I wasnt going to live or talk to him, he was moving far away and none of us would ever hear from him again. I didnt reply. My sister, my bestfriend, and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to go and get our things from his house. So we snuck in and started loading up her car. Little did we know, he would show up at the house a few hours later. He began threatening us and told us he wouldnt give us anything. I called the cops because I thought things might get violent. They did not show up. My mom and brother came and pshsically had to calm him down. He hit my mom with a telephone reciever and was throwing things around the house. That pretty much ended my relationship with my dad for about a year. It was very hard regaining that special relationship between a father and daughter. It hasnt been quite the same since.
It has now been a whole 4 years and they have not settled. I still live with my mom and see my dad about 3 times a month. They are still technically married, but cannot even stand to sit in the same room together. My dad is engaged and my mom has a boyfriend of a year and a half. My dad is very rich and my mom and I struggle for money every day. Why doesnt he give my mom her fair share? I wish I knew. But, beyond all that baggage is all the good things i mentioned in the beginning of this story. And I wouldnt change any of it :)

IzabellaMarie IzabellaMarie
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2012