Boyfriend's Parents And Step Siblings Dating?

I am a technically "kid" of devorce. My parents get along great. We had thanksgiving together with one of thier mutual friends. I am dating a boy who also has divorced parents, but his don't get along so well. They are both remarried but can't handle a shared payment for car insurance. His dad's wife fights with his mom all the time and keeps calling his mom jelous of her life. I feel like someone need to intervine but i don't know what to say without making his parents hate me. Oh and my boyfriend's twin brother is dating his step sister. does that help make the situation any better? No. They fight because it is technically the brother is 18 and the girl is 15. I would really apreciate some help with this thank you for reading.
hannahaqua hannahaqua
1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Wow, that's.. hectic. I don't think the fact that your boyfriend's twin brother is dating his step sister should matter here. You could try to intervene, but honestly I think that's just make things worse. Such people are usually set in their ways and won't budge. Some things are better left alone. Trust me, I've been through similar situations. You wanna help and once you start you can't stop. But then, you just realise you just don't give a ****.