Myparents Are A Night Mare.

When i was about 12, i NEVER ever got along with my dad. I had two younger brothers, being a girl and not getting any attention. I know it sounds selfish now and looking back it really was. I used to give my dad trouble, I was all for my mum. My gran owned a small business, a fish and chip shop and my mum worked there, and after school I used to go there all the time, bring a friend and most of my teenage life was in that shop with my family; sister, mum, gran and sometimes my brother. Back home i had a wishing well, i used to put a little bit of paper saying 'i wish my parents would divorce' I regret that now. when i was nearly 13, my mum came and told me that she is going to divorce my dad. I know its bad but i was happy? i was glad to have my mum to myself and maybe get attention from my dad but looking back, i was center of attention. They got a divorce and that was it but my dad refused to move out of the house, he built it and he wanted to make sure he had some part in it. which is understandable? my mums boyfriend also lived in the house and there was a lot of arguments and fights. NO one go along and it was a constant battle of waking up and coming home from school because i knew what the day was going to be like. When my dad did finally move out, it was releaf, things calmed down a little, still arguments but over text and it was mum telling me things and dad telling me things. I stopped contact with my dad, we spoke and was civil for 3 years, i never thought that i would be living with him now and having him as the only parent. I realise how hard it is, and i never ever wish it apon anyone, and people going through there parents divorcing is probably worse for them. I had depression for 2 years, and my parents had most of the effects on that. I willing to talk to people and share stories. I wish you all the best of luck x
behonest123 behonest123
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012