Witnessed Parental Conflict?Anyone?

Dear Members, by now,I have read quite a lot of stories written by children of divorce. It's hard and painful to get to know what you all been through,and it's very upsetting that parental divorce continues to affect children up to their adulthood. I honestly sympathize with each and everyone of YOU,who became a 'victim' of the crisis that happened in their family. I am an undergraduate psychology student,who is running the project on witnessed parental conflict and young adults marital attitudes and expectations. I chose this topic in order to better understand how the perceptions on parents' conflict may relate to our attitudes toward marriage/divorce and our 'optimism' about relationships.I also chose this topic,as research in this field is very important,since it may help psychologists and counsellors to better comprehend the role played by family in young adults maladjustment. The study will take just 10 minutes to complete and is completely confidential (no names,surnames,etc). If you are 18-30 years of age,and your parents have divorced or remarried (eg.step-family), please take few minutes to help me out with my study.Every response is of BIG help and value to me. There is the link to my online survey: dotsurvey.me/351k1e1a-3ca9y51
If you have any further questions,I will be more than happy to answer them either here or personally.THANK YOU. Best Wishes.
kulakovn kulakovn
22-25, F
Dec 3, 2012