My Parents Make My Life Suck

From 2009 to 2010 my parents relationship came down with a EXPLOSION! My dad would always come back from the bar drunk. My mother would always throw a fit about my dad. So where was me and my brother? We sat there and watched the hell break loose. My dad and mother did such stupid things to one another, like threatening each others friends or gossiping to me about the other parent.

But that made everything much worse! Cause now they fight with me about it! They sit there and play stupid games like flirt with another person or fight with each other using email. They also spend their time partying with friends. They never took consideration for me and my brother, they just kept partying with their friends and never really wanted to spend anytime with me or my brother. They both were at a lost of what to do with their relationship problems, so they asked me for advice. How is a 16 year old suppose to know ANYTHING about marriage!?

So to this day my parents are divorced (no surprise there). I have let it go except my dad. My dad says i should have been stronger and have handled this better than i did. I don't know how i could have handled it better than i did, I stayed in school and graduated, I never ran away from home, i never got in trouble with the law, i don't do drugs, and i'm trying to get into college.
My dad keeps making HIS divorce out to be my fault. ): Could someone please tell me if i'm doing something wrong here? Is it really ever a kid's fault that their parents are divorced? Can I just let this all go and get on with my own life? ),:
Wolves35 Wolves35
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012