My parents told my siblings and I that they were getting a divorce a month after my 16th birthday and it was one of the hardest things I have ever heard. It's been 4 months and everything hurts. I hate drama and everything so I feel like I can't talk to my friends at all or my boyfriend its so upsetting. I have 2 younger siblings to take care of and I'm still trying to figuring out how I can be positive about this. But I can't help but cry when I'm by myself, I miss my dad when I'm not with him and I miss my mom when I'm not with her. I just need a shoulder to cry on.
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I'm sorry to hear this happened to parents are divorced too. almost signed the papers. over my whole life my parents have fought. about everything. in 2002 my mom filed for divorce, but changed her mind because my sister, brother and i were still pretty young. now we are all over 18 (except for my brother who will be in april). my mom goes to school to be a nurse, and is almost done with that. my dad lives 3 minutes from us in a townhouse. I don't really talk to him. he was abusive both physically and emotionally. my mom has a boyfriend and my dad has a girlfriend. everything is better now that he is gone. I guess their divorce was easier for me because my house and family has always been broken and dysfunctional. just try to hang in there. once everything has settled down, it will get easier

So sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time! Hang in there, things will get better. :) Going through a divorce is really tough. I've been told that the end of a marriage is like a death and the people involved go through a grieving process. It will take some time but you will get through it. I know that you don't feel like you can talk to anyone but you really should try. Just pick one person, your mom for example, and tell her that you're feeling sad and scared. If you don't feel you can talk to anyone that you know, try talking to your school counselor (if you have one), a minister (there are churches all over the place), or even a teen help line. Or you can talk to people on here. Just remember, no matter how it works out, you can handle it! :)
Take care!

I'm 16 too and my parents decided to split up yesterday.I know how you feel because i hate Drama too and i'm really scared of whats coming next. I used to consider myself as a happy person until yesterday. I'm really devastated and depressed right now and I don't know how i'm supposed to move on.

Sorry to hear about your parents split also! Try not to worry, that's your parents' job.
Take really good care of yourself! :)

If you need to talk I'm here. I know how you you feel.