Where To Go.

About a year ago my Mother and Father got a divorce.. I was very hard and I did not know what to do. My friends helped me through it by getting my mind off of it. Around March my Mother found a Boyfriend who she could trust and love, I was happy for her, then soon enough I found out I was moving in with him. Over the summer I moved in and it was such a big change for me, so many things happened to me in 3 months time, I lost my cat and my dog just so I could move in with him and my mom. Now it is winter fo 2013 and my mom's Boyfriend and I are still fighting. I want to go and live with my dad, to be away from him, but I already made new friends at my new Highschool, and the high school I am going to is great! With so many classes I could take, rated one of the best schools in my state. But I can not stand to fight anymore, if I move, I move away from one of the best High Schools ever, and my new friends, and more than that, I would be moving away from my mom. But if I move in with my dad I would be away from my mom's boyfriend and my mom would still be happy. I would also be with my dad and my old friends from town.. I am just so lost, and I do not know what to do.
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Jan 16, 2013