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My parents have been divorced ever since i  can remember. My mom remarried my dads best freind. I refused to call him dad and he didn't like me because of it. I remember my little sister had fallen off the bed and she ran crying to her dad and he made me say i was lying. Every few months   we would go over to my grandparent's or my aunt's because he got so drunk. After a while they got a divorce around the same time my aunt and 3 cousins died, and my dad got remarried. His wife gets drunk too. one time she came home really drunk really late at nite. I was half asleep and my dad woke me all the up to get in the car we were leaving. My step mom got me out and it went like that for around half an hour. My stepsister was crying the whole time. Nothing is mine my little sisters and even my step mom steal my clothes. My little sisters use all my stuff including my bed. My mom is to strict on somethings and ignores everything else completly. Last year one of my freinds died; he had been like a big brother should be when you need them most. My oldest brother i've never met 'cause he was put up for addoption before i was born. Second oldest has psycological issues, and likes as more than a sister. All this starting from a divorse when a girl was still in daycare. 

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Thanks hope you and your daughters make it through your divorce better than i got through.

I'm soo sorry about your struggles. I hope you can be strong and use your life and past as what NOT to be like. I'm going through a separation now and have two young daughters, and am very afraid of how this is going to affect them. I wish you the best.