Never Thought It Would Happen.

I remember When Raiders played in the superbowl. i dont remember who they played.. but i remember the night. dad thought mom broke dads cup. mom got embarrassed.. everyone left. all hell broke lose... my mom threw the cup and it shattered in the other room.... i had just ran passed that room terrified.. and only realized the next day it could have been my head that the glass shattered on... half of me wishes it did.. just so they could feel bad... just so they would fight again.. divorce was threatened in that night... it went on til 6 am.. i missed school... dad moved to a n apartment for a week... i remember jason was just coming into the picture actually.. i rememer my mom tallking on the phone with him and telling him about how she broke my dads nose...

omg.. half of this i really forgot til i let it out here.... i ahve never told anyone of this really.. i was in fifth grade.. but its alll so crystal clear to me.

now they are divorced.. since april.. my dads out dating *****.. he has been since they were divorced though... and my mom is engaged.....

i hate it.. i hate her fiancee. he hates me.. and the only reason she 'supposedly' loves him..

is for $$$$$

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I went through something like that my mom was dating a mean guy that hit me all the time so I understand how bad it sucks for you.

Tell you mom you hate her fiancee. Tell your dad you don't like what he's doing. be honest, or you will have to put up with it forever.

I just thought of something else. I have a friend, and she emacinated herself at 15, ( she is also smarter than the average tack. :) She had a job and worked. She went on to medical school, and ended up becoming a medical examiner... she also came from a nearly broken home.. it was not a nice place to live and she had a lot of problems, but she moved on, and ended up meeting the love of her life. So it can happen, you CAN move on and have a wonderful life. Most of it, is up to the person, how they react and what they do. They were both good Catholics and had a beautiful little girl. So take care of yourself, eat right , exercise, and learn a good living. You can do it too. Just stay focused.. ( not like I did and waste a good bit of my life before I woke up. :) All the BEST

Sorry about your situation. It's very sad, and I am sure it hurts you. I am divorced, and while going thru that divorce, wondering how much it was effecting my children. Granted they were in their 40's, but even still, I know they knew all was not right back at home, but it still had to hurt them and shake their affermation that their marriage was safe. They must both love you, as you seem, even tho shaken by their actions, you still seem to have a good head on your shoulders.. Love the good parts of them , and cope with the other sides of them. They are human too, and even adults make huge mistakes. Once you are married, you need to constantly let that mate know they are special.. it's an on going "job".. but one you will like doing.. If not, then that is usually when things start going astray.. Take this and study your situation, and make sure you learn from thier mistake.. then try to avoid it, as human nature, we will fall back into that same situation. So you are young now, don't waste this time moping around about something you have no control over, or that is your fault. They did this to themselves. They need to regroup and do some thinking too, but there is nothing you can do there either. What you can do, is take care of yourself. Stay in school, do the best you can , learn as much as you can. If possible, move on to college, and take courses that will lead you into a profession you like and that will make you enough money to support you and your own family. Don't be in a rush to start that family till you have had time to find out who you really are.. Do some things that a married man would/ might find it difficult to do.. Get it out of your system, then when you are ready "shop around".. Don't be in a rush to marry, but sure this is the person you will want to spend the rest of your life with. Even if you couln't have any sex at all, which by the way is a good test on ones self. :) As eventually that will slow down, and maybe there will be a medical problem or something that you can't make love anymore.. It happens.. and if true love is not there, the comfort of a true love one.. well, you have seen what can happen there. They could have started out really in love with each other, but as time when on , grew apart. I want to suggest to , join a church. I am not a "Bible thumper" by a long shot, but joining a church, a traditional church, as that will give you some suppot , something to lean to, and help you stay in a positive fr<x>ame of mind. Sometimes, if the person seems truely motivated, I have seen chruches help out someone in the congreation who really could use the help. I know I have gone on too long here, but felt I had to say this. I hope I have helped you, as it has helped me to say it. :) If I can help you someway, or you want to talk,let me know. All the Best