Does Not Bother Me Much Anymore

Happined when I was younger, Mom tried to make me and my little sister chose sides by telling all kinds of lies about my dad. Alot older now, Mom has a boyfriend, Dads getting married in about 5 months. None of this bothers me, However, Im a College student living with my dad. This means I will be living under the same roof as this, My "Stepmother, and 3 year old step sister". Im a little concerned tho. I mean, What would I call her? Would I call her by her 1st name? My problem with that is that its disrespectful to call your elders by their 1st name. So would I call her Mrs._____ or Step mom or what? I think it best if i just keep my distance? Im a distant person anyways, I spend most of my time in my room with the door locked ether sitting in the dark and thinking, or playing video games or reading stuff on the internet. Im considering keeping this habbit and not changing just because my dad is marrying someone ealse. The problem is not realy that he is remarrying, He will be happy and thats all I care about. My problem is, Im not sure what im sapose to be doing as a stepson/stepbrother. Can someone with experience kinda tell me what im sapose to do? I have met her a few times and from what I can tell she is a nice woman. But I dont realy know her, and im not realy into "getting to know" people or letting people "get to know" me because I trust only a hand full of people in this world.

Krie Krie
2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Thank you... This is one less thing I have to stress over.

I've had two stepmothers (Dad's on marriage number three.), and just wound up calling both of them by their first names. As far as your stepsister goes, I have a half sister; you just treat her as if she were your sister. Given that you're older, she'll probably like you, so enjoy it; little kids can be quite entertaining. Distance wise, I was more distant with my first stepmother than my second. I never had a problem with the first, she was nice and all, but I never really wanted to hang out with her or anything. My second stepmother is cool, and we are pretty close. Just go with the flow and do whatever seems best.