They Tried to Make It to My 18th Birthday

my mom wanted to stay with my dad until all of the kids were out of the house. i guess she couldnt wait a few more months. it was my senior year of highschool. she started dating a guy my sisters went to school with. i knew, but what was i to do and i did drugs back then. she was always trying to deflect attention off of her and on to whomever. finally one day she p-ssed me off. she was so sure i was some sort of coke wh-re. which was way off base. my now husband was living at our house at the time. obviously i wasnt screwing him for coke. she heard so many stories and just opted to believe them over me. she brought my sister, a retired crack head and 400 lb woman to see if i was 'on drugs' my sister tried to drill me like some sort of authority figure. knowing my mom was only doing this out of spite because i caught her with her boyfriend infuriated me. she didnt give a damn about me. she could have cared less all the nights she let me go out partying so she could have a night alone with her boyfriend while my dad was at work.  my dad, the only one who seemed to care about me. i had to tell him. i told him i caught her and her boyfriend in the bedroom. i felt so bad for hurting him, and of course, my mother denied it and said i was lying because i was such a druggy, who could believe me. i could go into more details how the horrible manner in which she left, but basically that was the beginning of their end. i felt horrible for the longest time, seeing my dad so sad made me feel bad. but everyone is ok now. my mom, as usual, is unhappy. my dad, thankfully, found happiness with his current girlfriend.

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Shoo ... You didn't have it good hey? But you stood up and made your life and yourself whole, great admiration for that. Thanx for sharing. Take care now.

That's just terrible. I mean all moms are bad. Everyone Hates my mother including her ex husband and her current one.. ht everyone is afraid of her too. And I'm sorry about ur friends. And its nice that u have a husband to care for you like that.

Moms can be so frustrating, God help when we have our own kids we will think back on our situations and be better parents.

oh. i also wanted to add that at a time like that, when my life was literally turning upside down, all my 'supposed' friends [that i did drugs with] suddenly quit coming around. but not joe [my husband]. he stayed with me through all the crap and had my back the whole way.

oh, thank you. we're fine now, as far as the cheating is concerned. our current problems stem from my mothers need to have drama in her life. she is just a two faced person. and right now, me and one of my sisters are not getting along. she tends to just talk sh-t about us behind eachothers backs. it gets on my nerves. and still, 7 yrs after the divorce, she talks down about my father.<br />
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and lexus, it did suck during my senior year. i didnt get senior pictures, cap and gown, invitations, or any of the other memorabila you get your senior year. luckily meggers was a great friend. she gave me her cap and gown so i could walk the stage.

Im so sorry anitiyou...that is a horrible way to spend your senior year.