Always With A Bare Red Bum On Display!

I always get corner time after a spanking no matter where we are one time we were at a park and my mom made me stay bent over the bench for corner time I WAS 17!!!
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I got stand in a corner me bedroom by a window

I don't spank my boys in public but they are spanked in front of friends and family and do bare butt corner time.

Mom spanked me and/or my siblings on our bare bottoms on the spot, public or private. We didn't do"corner time" but we did sometimes do "bed for the rest of the day".


I don't want to be too critical of your mom, but I'm not a fan of corner time, especially in public. I hope it didn't bother you too much.

I think corner time, or time out, is okay for very young kids who need to calm down and redirect their behavior. For older kids and teens, I think it is just a way to embarrass them and I think the spanking should be enough punishment. jmho

As long as it works on you that's all that matters.

that is some real strict discipline

I wish I could have disciplined my daughters in the same way, they both are so bratty.

i am pretty submissive myself and i mostly don't like to use physical punishments on other until it is the only option left. you read my stories and you will understand it, if you like them then you add me and we can talk about spankings in detail.

Yes I understand this even though not nice it can be part of the discipline procedure. I also used similar methods before and after. Along with not allowing any freedom for a period of time. Having to ask for everything and waiting to be given permission. It showed the adult is in control over the situation.

Sounds very much like in my house. I think having to ask for permisson when you have been disobedient no matter what it is serves to teach a lesson.

Seems as though you understand this system well. It can be embarresing at times. Asking though did not always mean permisson was given as it is up the parent. The upstairs bathroom was sometimes locked so she had to ask or wait near the downstairs wc

Did this happen often ?

So if you had an accident in the night you could just change out of the diaper ?
Never used this method as said but do remember her waiting eagerly outside the toilet with shorts already pulled down waiting for permisson to use the pot.

Oh that must have been difficult sometimes. Were you denied to use the toilet at any time ?
Only when she was in trouble was the permisson system in place did she have to wait no matter if to pee or do the other. So pulling her pants down before hand saved time for her later on. And if it happend during a talk before a punishment she would have to wait it out. I could tell though if she was holding her bottom cheeks and very fidgety.

Ah yes very similar to what was done here. When on restriction how long would you have to wait ? what if you needed to take a pee or a poop would you be allowed or would you have to wait ?

That could be quite a while then ? The only big problem would be if it was decided you needed to be punished during that time

That seems fair much like at school. And at least you did not have any accidents!

Rachellouisedavies, how much you get and with what if you have an accident ?
Are yours parents very strict those times ?

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That sucks!

I would die from embarrassment!