I Have To Do Corner-Time

Corner time for me is before the spanking it sucks but those are the rules. My parents are christians and the believe in spankings. I am 16 and I get spanked for being disrespectful, not doing chores, or just not following the rules of the household. Its not very much often that when I get spanked. I think maybe once or twice a week if that. But when I get it I have to cooperate fully, If I can't cooperate then a second spanking will be given along with corner-time.
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1 Response Jul 17, 2013

It is not just christian homes that believe in raising their young with boundary's sir. Parents who do not set and enforce rules do not prepare young men like yourself to make it in the world. I know I hate being disciplined or corrected in any way myself, so I get how you feel. I also know I am a much better person for it.