Bad Decision

Last year in school I had a friend who regularly did drugs. He had been trying to get other students to join him, and many had. I was having a hard time and decided i would be a good idea to smoke marijuana with a small group of students.
The nigh arrives and we are about to do it. I start freaking out an can't go trough with it. I decide to wait.
The next week another group gets together on school fitness trails to smoke. I join them and feel confident. I smoke and run like crazy. All is well for the next three weeks.
Then one day I get called into the superintendet's office. He's like asking me if I did drugs with the other kids. I'm honest because I know that they know I did it. I get suspended from al sports for the rest of the semester, and red pass. We stay in dorms because many of us live far rom th eschool. Red pass is where you have an adult follow you everywhere you go. It sucks.
kotori4444 kotori4444
13-15, F
Dec 5, 2012