I remember my embarrassing things at work. The first embarrassing thing I did at work was was forgot to go get my TB test done and the boss sent me a nasty message.The boss admitted that she is not friendly, when you got on her bad side. She told me that I disappointed her, co-workers and the children because I had to leave work to get my TB test done. Then I got trouble for saying things I did not say to these people. These woman said I was fit, I had to go a number two, I was saying inappropriate things and the lady did not know they were going behind her back and telling the boss what I said to her. She apologized to me. Nobody was watching a little boy, so I had to change right there to watch him, I made sure he was not looking, then the lady that was supposed to watch him told on me, she said I was walking around, she admitted later on that she lied about it and she was trying to get me in trouble for it. She admitted that she was going behind my back and telling people I need help and need to go get help, now and this is working bullying too. Then I was shaving my leg in front of children and got wrote up for it and my legs bother me if they have hair on it, so I have to shave it and they never mentioned anything about it to me ever again and they thought it was fun, but never talked about it again. I have just had a lot of people gossip about me at work. I got caught texting in the bathroom, but never got in trouble for it because they knew something was bothering me. They called me for the summer to go back, but I did not want to go because they were bullying me for my faith in God there. They all got caught texting. I hit a car with the van, but they have done it before too. I hope you have a great night. Talk to you later and safety.
amazinggod amazinggod
51-55, F
Aug 17, 2014