Neat Glycerine

Lots of articles mention diluting glycerol with water to make a suitable evacuant. This is a waste of good glycerin - yes - there are three different names for this clear sweet syrup . It works best undiluted, and only a small volume is neded - 2ccs or less
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If you do not dilute it how do u insert it? Does it or rather how does it work. It is so thick and gooooie.

I use it in 2ml aliquots, through a glass or plastic hypodermic syringe, the nozzle of which is fitted with a fine red rubber Jacques catheter. This has an outside diameter of about 5mm, and an internal bore of about 2mm. This will fit tightly over the plastic or metal nozzle of a 2ml syringe. The small bore of this syringe easily allows the viscous fluid to be injected. But in fact I've had no trouble using larger syringes - 10- or 20-ml ones are fine even when when the glycerin is cold.

Beware of hot glycerin - it can become boiling hot and hence very dangerous after only a few seconds in a microwave oven.