My Name Is Mytime, and I Am An Avoidant.

So, I admit, to going so outside the circle to completely avoid something, that I ended up doing way more work and going through so much more aggravation that just facing the thing that I wanted to avoid in the first place.  Case in  I was forever calling in sick to various jobs.  One time I called in sick and said I had diarrhea, but, turns out I felt guilty and avoided going in the next day.  But then I did not want to go in the next, and just wanted to avoid it and felt like everybody knew I was faking.  So, after the fourth day, of calling in, my boss said I needed to get a doctor's note.  Oh, crap I thought, so I put it off and took Friday off to boot.  I had fun, but it was nagging me at the back of my mind.  Cut to Sunday night, my girlfriend and I looking up disease's in the encyclopedia  and finding one that was serious enough to warrant a week off, and yet not too bad to not have to enter the Hospital.  As it turned out, we came up with intestinal obstruction.  After reading up and having more knowledge than any General Practitioner on the subject, we then typed up a Doctor's note.  This is before computer's or the inter-net.  After forging my Doctor's signature, I scurried through our medicine cabinet and found some pills.  I am not sure how we fixed it, perhaps an old bottle with my name on it, I just remember bringing them in and making a show of putting them on my desk and making it a point to let someone see them. I was so nervous and anxious going back on Monday, and so fearful that every body knew.  I turned beet red.  Apparently I got away with the note, the pills and the story, cause no one said anything, and I got a week off. 

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

LOL, this is pretty funny! I doubt anyone wanted any details about the intestinal obstruction.