Round And Round

Most of the time when i had been spanked very hard,as soon as i got off the spankers knee..i used to go round and round the room rubbing my bottom and trying to cool it down while i was sobbing loudly
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dont we all do the spanking dance i know i did an i did not care who saw my front either

How old were you when you were spanked and did the spanking dance. Were most of the spankings on the bare bottom too and did you dance around still bare where everyone could see everything.

Started getting spanked otk at 4 yrs old and that lasted until i was 12.....most of the ones i got where bare bottom and mostly were done in private so no-one else saw me in the room unless my auntie was there when mum hit me or vica-versa...if there was more than one to spank we had to wait outside the room til it was our turn....and boy could we dance as we had to with the pain and soreness they gave our little bums

Wow! You really got a hard spanking! I could never stay over someone's knee for that hard a spanking. How do you manage it?

Sadly for me,my mum and my auntie who were the main 2 who spanked me didnt give me alot of choice about how long a spanking i got or how hard...both gave a servere spanking on the bare bottom and sometimes with a slipper and with both when i was small,neither my hands or feet touched the floor so they held me down and i couldnt get of til they had finished..very painful spankings i can tell you

Forgive me for being so curious, but how old were you when you got your last spanking from them? And if you didn't do the spanky dance for your last spanking, how old were you when you last did the spanky dance?

My last spanking from mum was when i was 11,she hit me on my bare bottom with a slipper,bent over her knee...i did the spanky dance afterwards as my butt was purple when she finished,i howled and screamed{for lying}
my last from auntie Barbara was when i was 12,she hit me on my bare bottom with her hand,over her knee...i cried buckets as the spanking went on for a while and she hit me 3 times that days,so it was a very painful day{for stealing}