Am Sure I Have Done More Than 25

1.Had my first sexual experience at age 18
2. Had my first sexual experience with a virgin in the woods
3. Slept with a prostitute and had my money stolen while sleep
4. Had my first oral sex at age 21 or so
5.Had sex with the first white woman at age 21
6. Slept with married women
7. Had sex with married women while husbands watched
8. Made an 18 and a 23 year old woman pregnant
9.Cheated on a spouse or girl friend
10.Had sex with women from work and at work
11.Unloaded in a woman's mouth
12.Had sex at a drive in movie theater with one of my kids mom
13.Had sex  with my wife in a men's bathroom in the newly opened Mall of America
14. Had sex with two sets of sisters
15. Received gifts from married women I was having sex with
16.Driven for more than 3 hours one way for sex
17. Had sex with a Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African and French woman or women
18.Been picked up or asked for sex by a woman,single or married
19. Lied to a woman that I was single so that I can **** her
20.Had sex in a car or a public park
21. had sex with a stranger in a church bench at the pew on a Sunday in high school before church started.
22.Had sex with a distant cousin
23.Had  secret sex with my best friend's little sister for a long time,he suspects that I did
24. Got caught by my dad,having sex in the woods
25. Had sex with lesbian women
manomine manomine
46-50, M
Dec 2, 2012