Sexual Laundry List, In No Particular Order

1) Lied about my age -- both older, and younger -- when embarking on sexual affairs. Got away with it, repeatedly. Still do! ;)
2) Practiced being a "zipless ****" -- the ultimate in casual sex: no names, no locations, just sex.
3) Was spit-roasted by two guys -- one in my mouth, one in my ***. It was my first anal experience.
4) ****** other men because the guy I was ******* told me to; this included gang-bangs.
5) Have been a "kept *****" and have been held against my will, and enjoyed the ragesex.
6) Have been knocked up due to carelessness, and discovered that I liked it.
7) ****** married men.
8) ****** married women.
9) ****** men about to be married, minutes from taking their vows.
10) ****** fathers of boyfriends.
11) ****** boyfriends of friends.
12) Have been kidnapped by sexually obsessive men.
13) Have ****** on a nude beach in full view of others.
14) Have ****** consecutive separate people within minutes of finishing up.
15) Have performed ******** and *********** under the tables of restaurants and under desks of bosses.
16) Have ****** on a bus.
17) Have ****** loudly for the thrill of being heard.
18) Practiced S&M and have come to prefer it.
19) Got into BDSM for the rough sex, stayed in for the obsessive rough sex (even though many BDSM practitioners are not that way inclined). Got out when I got tired of B&D.
20) Had ****** and benwa balls in me going through airport security.
21) Have ****** and sucked to get out of trouble.
22) Have been raped for real and for role-play -- there is a huge difference between the two.
23) Am in a polygynous marriage.
24) Have ****** over 100 times in a weekend and have not been ****** out or satisfied.
25) ****** gay men and hetero women.
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15 Responses Dec 10, 2012

supermandc, and your comment comes from a man called superman! ;)

jeremfg, there's more! :) like i said on another comment thread, best to live life without regret!

ravengambitx, never ... not yet!

You'll have to try harder!!!! :P

ravengambitx, i know!! right?? ;)

I like number 24, have you ever been ****** out or satisfied?

mpsslavetommy, i'm sure you have a list at least as long. it's a matter of whether you are constructing the list to impress others, or for some other reason. i did it to see if i could get to 25, and to my embarrassed delight, i could probably write another list lol ;)

A very interesting list. At times I think my life has been dull, then I hear/see somebody wanting what I've had and I feel "not so dull, after all." but reading your list puts me way down on the very dull list. And no need to tell me "Careful what you wish for" as a lot of your items I don't want or are very scared of. But I must say: "WOW, I am impressed." And I admit I would have great difficulty coming up with 25 items to enable me to join this group.

mariapni, a lot of determination is in that (partial) list. ;)

wow going though your list of experience, my dear total woman....woowwwwww

amanalone, i assume you mean that in a good way lol

uncuthappy, need another list ... but i'd resolved to put one story in all of my topics. hmn ... usually there is a similar group somewhere. will let it reveal itself ... in a dirty way, of course. ;)

spankyourbarenow, there is more ... is that shameful or something to wear with pride? ;)

What an exquisitely experienced and profecient woman you are !

qotsa, it's not possible, i don't think ... though it does depend largely on his motivation. the issue here is that "real rape" is about hate and willful damage -- not really about lust at all. i have written my thoughts about the spectrum of rape -- it's not absolute, in reality. if he raped me because he is trying to own me, then yes, becoming his willing ***** is not only possible, but almost guaranteed. i have been raped for the sake of possession (including the kidnappings mentioned in #12) and have been effectively "imprisoned" by the act. as for you thinking a hot loose woman can do as she pleases -- she also has to be very careful because entrapment becomes a way of life. thanks for asking! hope i answered what you were hoping to know.

holy cow. i can't even touch that. but i'm a dude. a hot, loose woman can pretty much indulge in anything she wants. i'm interested in #22: fake rape i understand and have played with, but actual real rape .... was it awful? was it awful at the time, but then it turned you on later when you thought about it? would it be possible, in your expansive sexual universe (i've followed you on and off for awhile), to be raped by some one - really, against your will - and then subsequently become his ***** willingly?

characterback, thanks ... but these were the things i was able to rattle off while on a work break. ;) there are more ... but best to remain a tiny bit mysterious, don't you think??