Short And Sweet

Before I display my list I want to answer auroramaru; she asked why construct the list. I guess the items on this list sort of just happened pretty much but being a dirty old man I did want to see if I could *** up with twenty-five and I want to show off now that I have done these things.

I was going to post some pictures to illustrate a few of these entries. But I'm not proud of my old man body so I'll say any pictures which could illustrate anything here are already posted in my photo albums. Any of my EP friends can go see them without asking.

01) I and my wife had simultaneous ******* while doing 69.
02) I ate my *** out of my wife’s *****.
03) I ate a banana as it came out of my wife’s *****.
04) I ****** a bunch of bananas.
05) I cleaned a butt plug with my mouth after it had been in my ***.
06) I had an affair with my ex-wife after we both were married to others.
07) I’ve posted a bunch of **** videos “staring” myself on xhamster.
08) I drank my own pee for a **** video
09) I drank my wife’s pee while performing oral sex on her.
10) I submitted to my wife leading me around in front of others while she was clothed and I was naked.
11) I accepted a sexual bare butt spanking in front of others
12) I had my wife display herself so another guy could ********** over her.
13) I have tortured myself for a woman’s pleasure.
14) I let my wife ********** me in a **** theater.
15) I let my wife **** my ******* with her vibrator. (that one I didn’t like)
16) I asked a woman for permission to tongue-**** her *******.
17) I did tongue-**** her ******* (and I’m sorry I don’t have pictures)
18) I had sex with a woman while cross-dressing (only fore-play)
19) I’ve taken pictures of others playing with BDSM
20) I’ve put myself in bondage for sexual pleasure.
21) I took my wife and I took a girl friend to ***** clubs
22) I ****** my wife in her *******
23) I wore panties, bra, and hose to work in my office
24) I have posed for pictures nude in my not-private back yard.
25) I wore a pretty yellow bow on the end of my **** for others to see.

Not all the same wife BTW.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

It is so impressive I must try what you have done someday . Can you add me to your circle please I would love to see your photo.

Bigger collection of my photos on and many others, too.

cool, great stuff for an old or young man!

I had fun