Dumb List

  1. I  have gone to college.

  2. I have gotten my GED.

  3. I have quit high school.

  4. I have rescued stray cats from the streets.

  5. I have fed ferrel stray cats who could never be tamed into pets.

  6. I have fed raccoons.

  7. I have been hiking in the rain.

  8. I have visited my state park.

  9. I have visited to the zoo.

  10. I have visited to Sea World.

  11. I have visited amusement parks.

  12. I have visited museums.

  13. I have feigned illness to get out of something.

  14. I have lost my temper.

  15. I have had panic attacks.

  16. I have had anxiety attacks.

  17. I have taken medication.

  18. I have drank five alcoholic beverages in my life.

  19. I have spent numerous days in the hospital as a visitor.

  20. I have spent less than two weeks in the hospital as a patient.

  21. I have been to a psychiatrist.

  22. I have been to therapists.

  23. I have been on a job interview.

  24. I have called a 1-800 suicide hotline number.

  25. I have illegally downloaded off of the internet.

  26. I have said thing I regret to people that I love.

  27. I have stayed awake for well over 48 hours in a row.

  28. I have had 28 birthdays.

  29. I have taken eight college courses.

  30. I have visited the special needs department.

  31. I have visited a special needs counselor.

  32. I have walked over 6 miles in one day.

  33. I have had surgery twice.

  34. I have been in debt (still am).

  35. I have seen a waterfall.

  36. I have crossed an old, rickety bridge.

  37. I have visited old cemeteries.

  38. I have stared up at the moon.

  39. I have stared up at the stars.

  40. I have contemplated the meaning of life.

  41. I have had nightmares.

  42. I have had night terrors.

  43. I have looked through binoculars.

  44. I have saught help.

  45. I have had insomnia (all the time).

  46. I have seen UFO's.

  47. I have seen spirits.

  48. I have held someone as they took their last breath.

  49. I have seen two solar eclipses.

  50. I have cried for no reason.

lyricalongings lyricalongings
31-35, F
May 26, 2010