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1. murdered 
2. lied to police
3. lied to government officials
4. stolen
5. been in jail

1. murdered a cockroach
2. lied to police about not speeding
3. lied to government officials about my voting card
4. stolen time to continue to live after NDE
5. been in jail to visit someone
c8lorraine c8lorraine
8 Responses Jul 24, 2010

You are way to nice of a woman to kill a person unless it was by accident or self defence I think.

LoL you got me !!!!!

I knew beter when I saw murdered I thought yeah probably a fly.

Huggsssssssssssssss everyone !

You made me smile as usual. Hope you are doing well Lorraine. : )

I'm a bit like<br />
adore that smile though.

It was for a giggle

Whew!! You scared me for a minute!