My 50 Before 18

1.learnt to sail a boat
2.learnt to drive
3.piloted a light aircraft
4.been abroad
5.realised how difficult it is to come up with 50 things :P a scholarship to a private school
7.failed an exam
8. done something illegal
10.been rejected (many times)
11.bought woman's underwear
12.scammed someone
13. been sick over booze
14.made a television stand
15.drank some stupid cocktail with fairy liquid in and perfume
16.scared the life out of someone
17.pulled an all nighter
18.learnt a chunk of quantum physics
19.learnt french
20.tried to learn turkish
21.tried to learn japanese
22.made someone's day
23.been a girl's gayfriend (in spirit)
24.tried to write a book dreams come true the former prime minister Tony Blair
27.learnt to type with out looking
28.made a clock addicted to energy drinks
30.learnt to make Shepard's pie
31.been told a secret by a friend
32.told one of my friends a secret
33.been stopped by airport security
34.been offroading
35.calculated gravity(struggling for things to say now)
36.lost a friend
37.lived in a pub
38.made a friend over cyberspace
39.worn ladies underwear
40.won a drinking game
41.learnt to kite surf
42.fell in love with a ginger girl
43.been asked for advise
44.been bullied
45.loose weight
46.became fit enough to do pull ups
47.moved house a headache from thinking too hard
49.helped a person in need
50.helped a friend pass there exams

Ok there is my 50... well 49, you welcome to ask questions and thank you for reading them.
Lardy Lardy
18-21, M
Aug 3, 2010