50 Things Before The Age Of 23

Not all of them are too interesting, but I would really like to fill this out.

1. I died. (I had no vital signs for a certain amount of time)

2. Been to the hospital various times.

3. I have been confused with what I wanted to study.

4. I studied Architecture then switched to Engineering.

5. I later got into an art school!

6. I had a print I made framed. (My boyfriend did if for my birthday, it was the first artwork I was genuinely proud of)

7. I went to my stepfather's wake and funeral. He died of a cocaine overdose.

8. I mourned the loss of a friend to drugs as well.

9. I've smoked cigarettes (my first was at the age of 11)

10.I've smoked pot. (for two years)

11.I tried to go skinny dipping once and it didn't end well. We were bitten by bugs. D: (not cool)

12.I've cheated on past boyfriends. Yet I'm still known as a "good girl".

13.I've had plans to get married.

14.I lost my virginity at the age of 18.

15.I got my heart broken... by someone I had never met in person.

16.I've obsessed with a guy... and kind of stalked him.

17.I've done the psycho thing and gotten into one of my boyfriend's networking accounts.

18.I've had huge arguments because of my jealousy.

19.At the age of 12, I witnessed domestic abuse from my dad to my mom.

20.I as almost homeless.

21.I've been very, very poor.

22.I lived in a one-room house with my brother's and my mom. (and that was an upgrade from what we had)

23.I've been in a relationship with someone I didn't really love (for about two years)

24.Been to a few churches, and finally decided to stop going to any anymore.

25.Was reunited with my dad after not seeing him in 8 years.

26.Walked in the pouring rain all the way home because I decided to.

27.Been to a metal show.

28.Seen a nice moshpit.

29.Cut class in high school. Sometimes I didn't even go if I didn't feel like it.

30.Went on a trip on my own. (at the age of 16)

31.Dyed my hair purple.

32.Got pregnant.

33.Had an abortion.

34.Kept a very serious secret from my entire family.

35.Purposely cut myself. (Although I was known for being a "happy" kid)

36.Tried to overdose on pills.

37.Had a sleeping aide dependency.

38.Have gone without sleeping for days.

39.Realized I like needles and having my blood drawn.

40.Battled with an eating disorder.

41.Rode on a jet sky and a kayak.

42.Smoked a mini cigar.

43.Had runes and tarot cards read. (tons of times)

44.I have changed my style entirely.

45.Have tried to make someone jealous and succeeded.

46.Learned to let go of people easily. (Except those I have a crush on, I still have to work on that)

47.I had (and also currently have) a boyfriend who made other girls envious of me.

48.Overcame most of my shyness.

49.I have used all kinds of public transportation (I do on a daily basis)

50.I have tried to be a vegetarian and failed.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

I love your list! You sound like you've had a very interesting 23 years! And I bet half the people who know you probably didn't realize you've had some very interesting, surprising, things happen! People tend to think I'm a good girl too :p I am, but there is that wild streak they'd be very surprised to see haha.