This Was Difficult.

1. I once spent New Year morning chasing a pregnant cow who was having difficulty giving birth.

2. I have built a fence with my grandfather that still stands at the back of his property.

3. I have manipulated people for selfish reasons.

4. I've had serious anger issues before. I have a hold on them now.

5. I've had several piercings.

6. I have held a hummingbird.

7. I've cuddled baby kangaroos, and've never been out of the United States. :)

8. I tried and enjoyed salvia.

9. I've woken up with a ghost standing over me.

10. I've dreamt of ending someone's life. (Not anyone, someone specific...back in the young and angry days.)

11. I have played games with people in the past, although I disliked the same treatment. 

12. I have had a girlfriend. Only one. She turned out to be an obsessive stalker. :)

13. I have had a boyfriend. Only one that really counts, and it ended badly as well.

14. I have asked someone to kill me. 

15. I used to self-harm.

16. I once poured out an alcoholic's beer and suffered the consequences. 

17. I've hurt nearly everyone I've ever loved. 

18. I have made a man tremble by only smiling at him.

19. I have an academic award from back when I was learning German. I remember none of it now.

20. I've been evicted.

21. I've allowed my dreams to be put on the backburner because of someone else's lack of faith in me.

22. I once very nearly overdosed on pills. 

23. I have worked in an antique shop.

24. I have seen someone wishing for death.

25. I've witnessed a mother at her son's funeral.

26. I have lost a loved one to suicide.

27. I've had my conscience kick in only moments before it was too late.

28. I assisted a friend with making a film. 

29. I've been in love with two people at once.

30. I've been a participant in a bloodbinding ceremony.

31. I've cut my own hair.

32. I once raised my fist at a step-parent.

33. I've fasted for religious purposes.

34. I've renounced the religion I was raised within, 

35. I've let my ego get the best of me.

36. I have witnessed someone being trampled by a horse.

37. I have been honest with people when it'd be way easier to have lied.

38. I have wiped away many tears.

39. I have moved away from everyone I know to be with the one I loved.

40. I have learned to forgive.

41. I have enjoyed revenge.

42. I have experienced karmic backlash.

43. I've gotten lost in a forest.

44. I have seen Amanda Palmer live. It is the only bigger concert I've ever attended.

45. I've fallen for a best friend.

46. I have been fearless.

47. I've been engaged, despite my negative opinions of marrying.

48. I have laid in the rain making daisy chains.

49. I have confused lust for love.

50. I have survived it all.
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Aug 9, 2010