Everything Can Be Tried Once...

I tried to think things not probably so commonly done. Some of them I can't recommend.

1. I drank Polish honey mead, got completely smashed and had the worst hangover ever. (I usually don't get hangovers)
2. I had sex with a "spirit" or "astral body" twice, and it was the best I've ever had so far.
3. I held a hand of my brother, when he died.
4. I traveled several hundred kilometers for a date.
5. I can do riveted chainmail and I love it.
6. I have cut myself on purpose.
7. I have played mouth harp.
8. A cat bit through my fingernail, when I gave him medication.
9. I've made out with two different guys during 24 hours.
10. I've dropped out from two schools.
11. I wear pink slippers in public. (Sometimes with a long black leather coat)
12. I had dreadlocks.
13. I tried smoking catnip...
14. I have sewn three viking tents.
15. I have made arrows for a bow.
16. I wasted six years with an abusive bastard.
17. I've played WoW almost from beginning, and still play it.
18. I've rolled naked on snow.
19. I've read Stephen King's It and Pet Sematary at least five times.
20. I've put down a bird after a cat catched it.
21. I've driven a bike several kilometers, when the temperature was lower than -30 degrees Celsius.
22. I've rowed a viking boat.
23. I've seen every episode of Buffy and Angel series.
24. I have given a name to my car. (It's a living thing!)
25. I've taken a tongue piercing.
26. I get pets to calm down easily.
27. I've got bitten by a dog.
28. Taken a spirit journey for a friend, and she accidentally came along.
29. Drank so much booze in one time, that I was afraid I would die. Still no hangover afterwards,
30. Once as a kid I was sleepwalking, and woke up when my foot was on my brothers forehead.
31. A spirit has tried to choke me.
32. I've been sleeping on a couch several months.
33. Had nightmares when drank too much energy drinks.
34. I have bottle-fed a calf.
35. Have received underwear that was already used as a present... because every girl would love to have presents like that!
36. I've built a computer from scratch.
37. Developed b&w photos.
38. Ate so much in a buffet, that I could barely walk.
39. I've driven a truck.
40. I've slept with music playing loud next to my ear.
41. Laughed so much at a children entertainer (very twisted jokes), that he got pissed. Twice. I wasn't the only one. XD
42. Been in a plane.
43. Witnessed a vocalist falling from the stage. And that band actually has a song about man falling over board.
44. Got a piece of hot metal straight to my eyelid. Should probably wear those safety glasses when forging.
45. Found a scratched lottery ticket from a ditch, with a winning.
46. I practice fighting with a sword.
47. Made a dog to eat paper as a kid. I blame mom for confusing my mind. A dog didn't seem to mind.
48. Had two jobs at the same time, and tried to be at school during days and work at nights. Didnt learn anything first time.
49. Have been in a surgery.
50. A hard snowball was thrown hard straght to my face.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2010

Do you really think so? I've been told that I'm a friend of wolves, but I'm not sure if I qualify as a wolf. myself. Don't know.