My 50

This is sooooo fun... what a great idea.  I love seeing what people accomplish in life or happen to do in life... so here we go.

1) I published a piece of poetry in a book...
2) I won an Easter Egg hunt.  It was a city wide park event.  when I found the egg, I didn't even think it was what I was looking for.  I was seven

3) I have travelled to Australia and New Zealand.  I loved Australia for Sydney and Brisbane, I loved New Zealand for its landscape

4) I have snorkled in the great barrier reef

5) I worked at a job for 13 years, was extremely dedicated and loyal to the company and strived to be the best i could be.

6) I vacationed to Washington DC all by myself on 4th of July weekend

7) I was a dancer when I was younger.  

8) I was part of a winter carnival coronation as a flower girl for two years

9) I received a college degree and graduated with honors

10) I have travelled to California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, and Rhode Island. 

11) I have gotten married and I have gotten divorced

12) I have gone fishing and water tubing, but could never get up on water skis

13) I have taken a picture of a sunset over the pacific ocean

14) I have travelled half way across country to start anew

15) I had my own home only to lose it a few years later

16) I have texted while driving, but absolute refuse to even touch my phone while in the car in california

17) I have gone to the minnesota state fair, one of the best state fairs in the country beyond texas

18) I took my driving test 4 days after being in a country for three weeks that drove on the opposite side of the road than us

19) I took both french and spanish in high school to find out now I know nothing about either language ;)

20) I know very little about the bible

21) I've attended an Our Lady Peace concert

22) One of my favorite places to go is to the North Short of Minnesota

23) I lost my husband, house, and job all within the same year

24) I got myself in way too much debt

25) I make the best homemade lasagna

26) I make awesome pumpkin bars too

27) I have take a carribean cruise

28) I celebrated my 21st birthday in Las Vegas

29) I have spent a full day in a spa and it was the best thing I ever did for myself

30) I have sat and colored in a coloring book as an adult

31) I have a fear of heights but I have been to the Hitchcock Center looking over Chicago, The old post office clock tower to overlook washington dc and the top of the stratosphere in Las Vegas

32) I have been to seaworld and I'd go again in a heartbeat

33) I have been to Hoover Dam

34) I was the one that had to tell my mom that her mother passed away

35) I have changed diapers

36) I have taken the bus when I was a teenager to downtown St. Paul

37) I have rode a train from Minnesota to Indianapolis

38) I have flown by myself

39) I have swam with dolphins

40) I have been to Pikes Peak

41) I have fallen asleep in the bath tub

42) I have had sex on the beach

43) I have done drugs

44) My first alcoholic drink was at the age of 13

45) I have been to a NFL football game, a NHL hockey game, a MLB baseball game, and a basketball game

46) I have been an employee of the month

47) I was a resident advisor in college

48) I have purchased a car new and have paid it off completely

49) I have pulled an all nighter

50) I have found love
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1 Response Nov 9, 2010

wow, thats a lot of things =) .... I would have to think about mine......