I Have........

1. I have fallen in love.
2. I have given birth.
3. I have lost dear loved ones.
4. I have made mistakes.
5. I have danced naked under the moon.
6. I have cried out to God.
7. I have cursed God.
8. I have exhibited great cowardess.
9. I have exhibited great courage
10.I have seen the saddest thing in the world.
11. I have seen the most joyous thing in the world.
12. I have told lies to avoid hurting others.
13. I have seen death.
14. I have been birth.
15. I have spent nights alone.
16. I have spent nights in the arms of my lover.
17. I have known poverty.
18. I have known comfort and abundance.
19. I have sang songs.
20. I have created works of art.
21. I have fed the hungry.
22. I have clothed the poor.
23. I have taken charity.
24. I have felt shame.
25. I have felt proud.
26.I have been a friend.
27. I have betrayed a friend.
28. I have cared for dogs.
29. Dogs have cared for me.
30. I have sat with inner pain.
31. I have ran with joy.
32. I have been good.
33. I have been bad.
34. I have bathed in the rain.
35. I have bathed at the Waldorf Astoria.
36. I have been divorced.
37. I have been married for 30 years.
38. I have been respected.
39. I have been disrespected.
40. I have felt pride.
41. I have faced challenge.
42. I have sat on top of the world.
43. I have been fat.
44. I have been thin.
45. I have nursed the sick.
46. I have been nurtured.
47. I have welded a bridge.
48. I have modeled lingere
49. I have been articulate.
50. I have been speechless.
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
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May 30, 2011