A Lifetime In 50 Thingsmii

1. I was born 2.I went to junior school 3.I went to Grammar school 4.I went to college. 5.I passed my exams. 6.I joined the Police at 18 7.I went to Police Training College. 8.I successfully passed out of the Training College. 9.I started working as a qualified Police Officer 10.I completed my probation period as a Constable 11.I passed my Sargent's examination 12.I performed duties as a Sargent 13.I purchased my first house 14.I got a beautiful Border Collie Dog 15.I visited The USA 16,I sang solo in a Pub 17.I skid on a banana 18.I finished 3rd in a Tennis Competition 19.I became interested in Gardening 20.i Ran Cross Country Competitions 21.I arrested many people 22.I was baptized 23.I received my first Holy Communion 24.I became engaged to Marry 25.I am half way through this  :-) 26.I wear Jazz aftershave 27.I have owned 3 houses 28.I retired in my middle 40's 29. I have suffered with depression 30.I love my family with my very being. 31. I have done a bungee jump 32.I have climbed the highest Mountains in the UK 33.I am a member of Experience Project 34.I collect stamps and have a very good collection. 35.I enjoy helping. 36.I appreciate how lucky I am 37.I appreciate friendship 38.I drive 39.I collect antiques 40.I am a first aider 41.I give blood 42.I carry a donor card. 43,I sponsor a child with World Vision 44.I have travel led many countries 45.I am a practicing Roman Catholic 46.I am a carer 47.I am an omnivore 48.I am going to win the Lottery 49.I thank you for reading this 50.I pray for world peace.
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7 Responses Jul 8, 2011

your so convinced about the winning the lottery !

But of course,it's only a matter of time,should happen in my 53rd year.

Great things you've accomplished in life honey and still are ! xoxoxxoxoxo

Thank you my dear Cousin :-)

Cheers :-)

Cheers :-)


Impressive... this is really cool... really helps to get to know more about you! This cannot be an easy list to do... makes me think what I would write ;P

Yes,a good experience group to make you think about your life,thank you for taking the time to contribute,very much appreciated :-)

that was fantastic! lol

Thank you :-)