Let's See How Long It Takes To Come Up With Fifty

01 I've been hit by a car while riding a bike
02 I wound up in a hospital from another bike accident
03 I have ridden in a helicopter
04 I've ridden in a private plane in the co-pilot seat
05 I have ridden in the cab of a steam locomotive
06 I was a stand-in fireman on a push-pull train
07 I almost ran two trains into each other - real trains
08 I frequently slept on the job
09 I cheated on my first two wives
10 I delivered morning newspapers before school back in the early 1950s
11 I smoked cigars, cigarettes and pipes at various times in my life
12 I tossed mail at the Post Office
13 I was a civilian employee of the Navy while in the Air Force ROTC
14 I learned how to use a slide rule
15 I canoed into Canada
16 I watched "Da Bears" win the Super Bowl - on TV
17 I rode in the caboose (and oh, was it cold)
18 I have built three model railroads
19 I have ridden a motorcycle and driven a motor scooter
20 I have read all of Jane Austen's novels
21 I got Jimmy Durante to give me his autograph
22 I rode in the operating cab on a locomotive turntable
23 I have ridden too many no longer existing railroads
24 I learned HTML 4 on my own - and now it's obsolete
25 I have enjoyed programming in IBM Assembly language on the big box
26 I enjoyed programming in Basic on the little-bitty box
27 I walked in the March of Dimes when it was almost as long as a marathon
28 I have found I can be a curious busy-body
29 I have done many kinky things that if I listed them individually I'd be close to fifty but since I'll keep it non-mature I'm limited to one item
30 I have taken thousands of photographs, almost 10,000 on my current camera
31 I have read the Journals of Lewis and Clark at least twice
32 I learned to drive stick shift - mostly solo
33 I have been an altar boy
34 I have read books under the covers with a flashlight
35 I edited and published a newsletter of an Astronomical Society
36 I was in a car that rolled
37 I was in a car that caught on fire (actually, two of them)
38 I have made a lot of cyber friends
39 i have said "No, I don't want to live in a basement" but I now live in a basement
40 I have had several cats but never a dog of my own
41 I have found I easily get side-tracked -- I came into EP today to write about Jane Austen and look what I'm doing
42 I have given or trashed too, too much stuff (including relationships) that I wish now I had not done so
43 I have tried to make gunpowder and firecrackers - thank God I was not totally successful
44 I have jumped off a bridge - and broke my heel when I landed
45 I have been in caves - not a a spelunker but as a tourist
46 I have been in Yellowstone National Park when the bears could mix with humans
47 I have been in Yellowstone National Park when the bears could hardly be seen
48 I learned three languages other than English - and pretty much forgot them right after: German, Latin and Pig-Latin
49 I have traveled in railroad sleeping cars- Amtrak and before Amtrak
50 I have done this story.
70+, M
2 Responses Feb 2, 2012

You're like one of the LEAST repetitious folks I know and I think your kinky side ROCKS!! But this was worth the effort cause it was wayyy interesting to read and it lets us all know what a versatile sorta guy you've always been and are now!! :)

Thank you

Wow tommy, you're a collection of soooooo much..... I love that in you!! ‚ô•

I tried to be non-repetitious and not too kinky so this list was work.