50 Things For 28 Years

1. I been to The Weather Channel and weather service
2.Like Cleveland and Columbus, OH teams
3.I graudated college 2004
4.Disliked school start times
5.Have Cerebral Palsy and Aspergers
6.Like Gym, swim, bowling and work
7.Enjoy Christian Music
8. Like Saturdays Church (not counting most Christmas Eve's)
9.Live in moderate climate
10.Lived through Hugo
11.Never want Girlfriend
12.Took no math after 11th grade
13. Have weather radio
14.Was Anorexic
15.Have been to pro-ana sites 2005 year
16.Like clif/lune bars many kinds
17. I'm very shy
18.Selective eater
19.Use walker home, power chair work
20. No longer totally Veggie but close
21.Know weather models well
22.Lived through what was by here tropical storm Hugo
23.My old Middle School closed this past school year
24. My college campus looks different
25.I do NOT post pictures of me online besides Facebook and sometimes e-mail
26.Walked across stage High School graduation instead wheelchair and everyone clapped!
27. Like several christian radio feeds
28.Worse snow here Mid March 1993 and late February 2004
29.Ice Storm early December 2004
30.I went regular schools
31.Had speech K through 12
32. PT K through 10
33.Gym class K through 10, exercise class 12th
34.Liked all 12th grade friends and classes
35.I like e-mail
36.Close to Tornado Spring 1994
37.Close to lightning Summer 2009
38.Been to sports games college and pro
39.I was in history class 9/11
40.Liked TV shows especially before Mid 2004
41.I use Disablities Bus to/from work
42.I like learning American History
43.Have a Kindle
44.Focus on weather discussions
45.Visited near Buffalo, NY many times, but only once during Winter
46.I like warm weather but not hot
47.Do not like fireworks or thunder
48. Like when there is no drought most of United States so to be more active weather
49.Had no weather school days off 12th grade
50. I was born Cerebral Palsy, found out Aspergers October 2005
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Awesome list! I am curious to know why you "never want a girlfriend" especially since you're so young!?

I will reply to you by message


Love this. Awesome list. Hope you're doing well!

I'm doing well. I like weather allot

you care about weather but don't like thunder? that is rare. explain?

Because of the loud sound

weather chasers always seem to love the bad dangerous weather. do you study birds reaction to the weather? like the massive amounts of birds falling died in mid-flight? that happened here.

I do not, however I have read a book called "Freaks of the storm" and "Extreme Weather" that mentioned some animals in severe or extreme weather conditions. I track more the severe weather conditions themselves via global weather computer models

very cool. you sound very smart. sexy!

There is a strong storm here now, but no hail at this point. Storms are common here this time of year.

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Great list!

Thank you. Hope your doing well!

I hope you are as well!

I'm trying to stay warm

Very nice list there. I can see you have a big interest for weather.

I do. If you have questions about it please message me

Hello! Such a pleasure to meet you! I hope you have a great New Years!

I'm going to game tomorrow

You sound like a very nice person *smile* a good friend

I try to stay positive

like ur post


My daughter was in "head start" (a daycare program for low income families) and the director of the program (at that time) has CP. One of my closest friends has a son w/aspergers, and also one of my former co-workers that I used to really enjoy talking to did also. My nephew has Pervasive Developmental Disorder (which is an autism spectrum disorder). Even though I don't qualify as "special needs" I go to a church that is specifically for special needs people, because I like the people there so much! Also, a couple months ago the preacher was out of town and the man that preached for him has CP.

That is very neat especially the part of the man that preached with CP!

I like

Glad you do

Hey I live near Cleveland!

If you mention where by message I can update your weather

I went to CNN in Atlanta. U can play with the green screen, and talk to the personalities. Fun

It was neat

That is an interesting list, and your cool.

Thanks and hope your doing well

Hey, nice list!!

Glad you enjoy it

Impressive. What a great list! Great work. :)

I try to do as well as possible.

I particularly liked your number 26. Well done!

It was a nice decision

Wow so much makes me want to nevergive up and see how much I can accomplish

I remember things that try to share online

1. Didn't do that, but I was at the Canadian equivelent of our pentagon for Bushes second swearing in.
3. still going to college in 2004
6. Like bowling too, but figured I should give it up when I stepped on the hand with the ball in it. I loved what I did just before retirement
9. I tell myself that a lot when the temp goes over 110 or less than -20
11. your on your own there
18. Me too, I don't eat things that have a chance of eating me.
19. Used a walker when I got my knee replaced, we have a house full of stairs and over decorated, it sucked.
26. congratulations, have nothing to compare
28. 1997 and I was in Arizon at the time, the wife got 5 days off from work, snow plows took that long to make it to the house.
37. In the shower when lightning struck the house, felt a tingle, did not know it was on fire till I got out of the shower.
39. Was replaceing the windows in my house
42. Love american history and pre-history
43. Have a Nook
46. Little choice, that is usually when harvest is. Did get a tractor this year with heat and air conditioning
48. Agree there, farming with out the moisture is just playing in the dirt
49. Don't remember 12 grade
50. Arthritis in my thumbs

My long term memory is good

I like #26 :)

I did so June 6th, 2002.

Now they have some Graduations here in January

Great list. You inspired me. Now I am going to have to try to make one of my own.

Fall is not active weather here, but that looks to change by Mid next week. Winter starts in 11 days.

what kind of Cerebral Palsy do you have? Do you know?
I have some form of autism too.

It impacts my speech and legs. Use walker home, power chair at work

I like this list. When you contacted me telling me of your disabilities my thoughts were. "Ok. But that doesn't tell me anything about you as a person." Now I feel like I know a little bit more about you. You seem to have a large interest in the weather. Why didn't you pursue a degree as a meteorologist? Too much math? haha That would be my reason.

To much math. I do know allot about weaher history and weather computer models.

I'm the same way. When I was little I used to want to be a doctor but one of the reasons I didn't is because I didn't want to have to take all of those math classes. lol I'm a preschool teacher. As long as I know how to count, I'm okay. haha

My Mom works at a preschool. I focus on global weather models not just the GFS

What's GFS?

It is the United States global weather model.

Oh ok. So what is different about it and other weather models?

It is the most accurate followed by the European

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Whats Cerabral Palsy how did you know you had it+ what were the symptoms

hi ive read your profile and you seem a very smart guy, what questions were you expecting me to ask and what made you contact me

Anything about me and please send by message. I saw you people search part.

Cerebral Palsy impacts my muscles.

Your list is fascinating, and I can relate in some ways, on some levels. Weather is beautiful and very predictable, isn't it? What was the degree program from which you graduated (in college)? Interesting writing pattern. Well, continue being so awesome. :)

I got it in marketing and took no math to get it.

Every living human is disabled in some ways, even if this may not be visible it can be severe. I do not look disable, but rather healthy, however I suffer from a bunch of serious problems from my early childhood.<br />
I now choose to stay alone for to accomplish the work I love. I think that physical is a very deceiving thing because our society is trained to see only what they can on the surface...... it is hard for them to understand that someone who looks disable may be stronger than all of the rest put together.

I can fully relate to you on this! Very well said :)

Why don't you ever want a girlfriend?

Because of socially.

You have been very busy. You are such an inspiration.

Tonight just wrapped back storms here which tracked.

This is so cool, I wish I were half as interesting

NWS will be busy here tomorrow.

Hi Michael, I like the weather too. Probably not as much as you do but still, love to hear about it.

Heavy rain here shortly.

Why aren't you a weatherman already? You would be a good one! You could do your own weather reports on youtube! Great list!

Because of math no weatherman and I have CP so no videos

i hope i can be happy as you are

Have a good afternoon

Its nice to meet you.

Well, it's so nice to meet you Michael! Glad to be on your friend list~

I focus allot on weather models during especially major weather events

Its amazing.. to read this.. all u did and was a part of..<br />
kind of.. unique representation...<br />

Hope your week ends well

Great list! i love it <3

Hope your doing well

I worked with disabled people and I admire them for how hard they work to do the simple things.... Very special souls to choose such difficult circumstances when they came here.... Your into weather, what do you think about the gulf stream current stopping when BP had that oil spill? Do you think that could swing us into a ice age? Thinking about that freaks me out since where I currently live last ice age it was under about 2 miles of ice lol.....

That impacted tropical storm formation, something could have used 2004 and 2005. There was Tornado in city this past Saturday.

Hope your staying positive.

I especially ike number 26, A friend of mine has cerebral Palsy and I worked with disabled people for ten years. It's inspiring to see the passion to achieve normal things which able bodies people take from granted. Despite the stuggles, my friend like yourself has never given up and let her condition beat her. I think everyone can learn form that :o)

Hope he or she stays positive.

its really good :)

I try to stay upbeat even on damp days