50 Things 19 Years Here We Go :d

I'm just a simple country girl but here are my list. 

1. I have reached legal age in the USA.

2. I have lost my virginity 

3.I moved out of the nesting home (mom's)

4.finished high school.

5.Gotten my CPR certification 

6. Made dinner for someone I love

7. Watched my Step Dad pass away while holding his hand.

8. Lost my Real Dad KIA, RIP Dad I miss you!

9. meet a former president (George W. Bush)

10. Lived on a military post

11. Dated a Guy in the military

12. Been through a deployment 

12. Been heart broke after a brake up.

13. Rescued a hurt animal, an kept it.

14. Had a tore ACL

15. Did competitive Gymnastics.

16.  Been a God mother

17. Raised (raising) a child that isn't mine.

18. Drove a tacker.

19. Been a brides maid 

20. Had a full time job since 16

21. intercepted a fight between spouses, an almost got hurt.

22. Help take care of the mentally ill.

23. Helped take care of the elderly. 

24. Been a home health aid.

25. Pulled a all night-er

26. I have a kid friendly home

27. Have a stable home that is mine.

28. Worked with our Soldiers returning home from a tour over sea's.

29. Received a work for my work done with our soldiers that only ten has ever been given 

30. ran a mathron 

31.kissed a girl

32.Been on a train

33. Lost a guy I loved in the war over sea's.

34. never really got over my fathers or BF death

35. owned a car

36. Been a manger.

37. Adopted a Child at Christmas from the Angel Tree.

38. Been given flowers by a Guy I'm with

39. Made Snow Ice Cream

40. Lived on top of a Mountain in Kentucky.

41. Made love under the stars in a back of tuck bed.

42. Been to more the 8 military funerals 

43. Been to the tomb of the un known an cried.

44. Been admitted to a hospital for sickness.

45. Had my gallbladder out.

46. Had tubes in my ears.

47. Been in a live in relationship 

48. I have voted in a election

49.Tought my younger cousin gymnastics.

50.  Helped mange a family owned business. 
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1 Response Feb 11, 2012

I'm impressed.

Thanks :)

You'll have to share some more stories.