Fifty Things I've Done In My 17 Years :]

  1. i have lost my virginity at fourteen

  2. i have drank

  3. i have smoked weed

  4. i have ran from the cops

  5. i have been in a cop car

  6. i have given birth at 15

  7. i have gotten engaged at 16

  8. i have been through motherhood

  9. i have gone out of state

  10. i have swam in the ocean

  11. i have done 69

  12. i have cheated in school

  13. i have cheated on my bf

  14. i have been cheated on

  15. i have been in love (still am)

  16. i had rode a horse

  17. i have gotten in a physical fight with my sister

  18. i have been hurt by loosing someone close

  19. i have gone mudding on a fourwheeler

  20. i have been in a car accident

  21. i have kicked a guy in the nuts

  22. i have gone to the zoo.

  23. i have basically raised a child who isn't mine

  24. i have fallen out of a huge monster truck

  25. i have broken my chin open

  26. i have been on crutches

  27. i have been to a rodeo

  28. i have been to a demolition derby

  29. i have experienced someone i really love being in jail

  30. i have gone tee-peeing

  31. i have had a job

  32. i have lied

  33. i have blamed things on other people (usually my sisters)

  34. i have been in a wedding

  35. i have been to florida

  36. i have been to new york

  37. i have been to new jersey

  38. i have had sex in multiple places

  39. i have had a pap smear...ouch!

  40. i have taken multiple pregnancy tests

  41. i have had many pregnancy scares

  42. i have hit my boyfriend. :(

  43. i have done cheerleading for multiple years

  44. i have played softball

  45. i have gotten jealous of other girls

  46. i have a permit

  47. i have lost a best friend because of a guy

  48. i have been drifting with my friend nick:)

  49. i have surgery on my boobie

  50. i have been on a plane

babymama16 babymama16
22-25, F
May 4, 2012