The 50 Things I've Done

1. I lost my virginity at the age of sixteen.
2. I've went to a quite a few parties.
3. I've drank.
4. I've smoked pot.
5. I gave birth to my daughter
6. I got pregnant in my teen years.
7. I've rode a horse.
8. I've been to a rodeo
9. I've been chased by a clown ;/
10. Been in a wedding.
11. I'm Engaged
12. I've had one sex partner
13. I went tee-peeing
14. I've been skinny dipping
15. I went to florida
16. I went to jamaca
17. I've punched a teacher.
18. I've been kicked out of school.
19. I went off on teachers
20. I flipped out on the principle and told him he was a piece of ****
21. I've been in four physical fights.
22. I've been on probation.
23.I was a cheerleader before i got pregnant.(since i was 5)
24. I've been in a beauty pagent
25. i've been to germany
26.i've been drug tested.
27. i've had a breatherlizer done on me.
28. i've got a speeding ticket.(multiple)
29. I've been in a car accident
30. i've been drifting with the brother nick:) 
31. i've been to a demolation derby.
32. i've had surgery.
33. i've tore my acl.
34. i've dislocated my knee.
35. i've been called a *****.
36. i've dealt with the death of my brother roger.
37. i've 69'd
38. i have my driver liscence.
39. i fought with my boyfriend.
40. i've punched my boyfriend in the face.
41. i've went off on a **** for sending pics to my boyfriend.
42. i stick up for my boyfriend.
43. i've rode a plane.
44. i've lost my best friend
45. i watched my brother get loaded up in a police car. (colton)
46.i've rode in a helicopter(i got life flighted)
47. i've dyed my hair.
48. ive pierced my belly button.
49. i have fake nails
50. i've been to paris
Laylasmama Laylasmama
18-21, F
May 4, 2012