50 Things I've Done So Far:

It's neat looking back at my life so far and some of the things I've done or accomplished. :-) I never saw myself as an interesting person but at least looking at these experiences I can say my life has had it's interesting moments. I also look forward to all the experiences and memories I've yet to experience. Just thought of one more most of us share. We got to ring in a new millenium.

Heres my list:

1. I was presented with a university scholarship
2. I've seen myself up on a proper movie screen (as part of a film competition)
3. I ranked in the top 2% in an international Science exam and was presented with an award
4. I've spent Christmas overseas
5. I've celebrated a birthday overseas
6. I've taken part in a few fun run/races
7. I've been snowboarding
8. I've captained a small boat (12 person capacity) while on holiday
9. I quad biked off a cliff and survived to tell the tale
10. I was a princess (in a play.. but hey it was still an amazing experience for my inner child)
11. I travelled to a holiday destination on a double decker bus
12. I've adopted dogs from the S.P.C.A (pound)
13. I got by in a French speaking country using my high school and university level French
14. I've finished multiple play station games
15. I won a gymkhana sash (horse riding)
16. I made my own version of monopoly (based on my town) as a child
17. I've experienced high tea
18. I watched my countries soccer team qualify for the world cup (most exciting sports event I have witnissed)
19. I've visited the vast majorty of cities in my country
20. I swum in a natural hot pool in the middle of nowhere .. complete with it's own waterfall
21. I've camped in a tent on multiple occasions
22. I've been ice-skating
23. I fixed my mums computer when it got infected with hundreds of viruses
24. I've been scuba diving
25. I shared my 18th birthday with a family reunion celebrating 50 years since my Opa's family arrived in New Zealand
26. I've played a round of mini golf where I scored 4 hole in ones
27. I survived private school and an all girls catholic high school 0_0
28. I've been scanned with a laser heat sensitive camera for bird flu (the whole airport was that day)
29. I've been on a jet boat ride. We experienced a 360 degree turn right next to a waterfall.
30. I've seen glo worms
31. I've built a snowman
32. I've participated in a snowball fight
33. I've been abseiling
34. I've experienced extreme turbelence on a plane flight
35. I saw the Lord of the Rings parade before the world premiere of the final movie
36. I have completed a kayaking course (the first thing you learn is how to capsize and free yourself)
37. I performed a length monologue .. at least 4 minutes on stage in my first year of theatre
38. I placed highly enough in a speech competition to be selected for the finals
39. I have held a baby crocodile
40. I have visited an army base (once as part of a business camp and once to support my dad compete in a army style challenge event)
41. I was chased around a lagoon by a creepy clown as a child 0_0
42. I visited Disneyland as a four year old
43. I survived getting all four wisdom teeth (one severly impacted) surgercially removed
44. I've been on a hydrocoaster a water slide that goes up as well as down
45. I've designed and decorated creative cupcakes.. think Ace of Cakes ha ha ha
46. I've been on holiday with an overseas exchange student and got to learn about their culture
47. I've designed websites (as part of high school and unversity classes)
48. I learned how to read music and was part of a choir that I had to audition for
49. I've met and got the signatures of my fav football team
50. I've stayed on a farm for a few days
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22-25, F
May 5, 2012