Here Ya Go

1.) Studied French 2.) Tried coffee 3.) Knit a scarf 4.) Had my big toe sucked on in bed 5.) Been fired three times 6.) Stolen a bottle of pop from work only to have it stolen from me 7.) Downgraded my cell from a smart phone to a feature phone 8.) Lost both parents 9.) Taken erotic pics of my sister 10.) Had my cat put to sleep 11.) Contemplated suicide 12.) Expressed voyeuristic tendencies with a friend 13.) Visited Prairie Village in Madison, SD 14.) Wondered about the best way to give a man a ******* 15.) Survived a hurricane 16.) Been threatened with violence by a friend's dad 17.) Had my bra almost stolen off my body 18.) Lost 30 pounds 19.) Gone crazy, jury's still out on whether I'm back 20.) Been to my state capitol in Pierre 21.) Considered having sex with a woman 22.) Survived a tornado 23.) Been to Galveston Island in the Gulf of Mexico 24.) Hurt my mother deeply 25.) Broken toes on my left foot 26.) Waited outside a college basketball player's locker room for his autograph, which I got on my hand 27.) Studied the violin 28.) Tried smoking 29.) Became a teetotaler 30.) Had a tonsillectomy 31.) Mourned a man I have never met 32.) Made my belly button bleed 33.) Suffered a migraine so bad I couldn't stop throwing up 34.) Lived with an alcoholic father 35.) Learned to swallow pills at age 31 36.) Successfully snuck outta the house, only to tell my mother the next day 37.) Contemplated an affair with a married man 38.) Unscrewed my sink pipes for a lost earring 39.) Watched my dog be attacked 40.) Visited my sister in jail 41.) Gone through a traffic light with my eyes closed 42.) Stayed up three days straight with no sleep 43.) Danced with a stranger 44.) Been hit on over the phone 45.) Cried in front of more than one boss 46.) Been to the mountains in AR 47.) Had my picture taken with my favorite local roller derby player 48.) Donated over four gallons of blood, so far 49.) Used geckos as play things for my cats  50.) And last but not least? Lost my virginity CowGirl style ;)     
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May 8, 2012