50 Things In 16 Short Years

1.Gotten pregnant
2.Had a daughter<3
3. Finished 10th grade(still going to school to finish and go to college)
4. Had my heart broken
5. Cheated on an ex
6. Kissed a guy that was in a relationship(and NOT proud)
7. Went to Washington D.C.
8. Took grass from the White House lawn. (Still have it.)
9.Been to the top of the Washington Monument.
10. Been to Las Vegas and California (same trip)
11. Experience a devestating loss.
12. Found true love (as a mother) <3
13. Done "dirty things" with other people in the room
14. Told people i Loved them when I didnt
15. Fallen in love with my daughter's father
16. Done pretty much every dirty thing with my boyfriend and every position
17. Regreted my past
18. Been a hypocrite
19. Lived with my sister (without my mom)
20. Gone to prom<3
21. Had a near drowning experience
22. Been pee'd and pooped on.(welcome to motherhood right?<3)
23. Went a whole week with only about a total of 8 hours of sleep all together.
24. Spent a week in Missouri<3
25. Lost all of my baby weight, plus some.

I know this isn't finished yet, but my daughter is fussing so im going to finish another time.
Rileysmommy45 Rileysmommy45
18-21, F
May 9, 2012