In My 22 Years..

1- Given birth.

2-Flown in an air plane.

3-Performed surgery on an animal.

4-Lived on the beach.

5-Surfed a double overhead.

6-Been in the water with a shark 20 feet away.

7-Punched someone in the face.

8-Hit a man on a motorcycle while leaving driver improvement class. (He was ok.)

9-Bunjee jumped

10- Partied on a yacht.

11-Watched a man tragically die.

12-Met someone off the internet.

13-Caught a best friends lover cheating.

14-Been treated like a movie star at 3 of the hottest night clubs in South Florida.

15-Partied with a multimillionaire.

16-Gamboled at a casino.

17-Been to a deserted island.

18-Swam/played with a wild sting ray.

19-Been to NYC.

20-Been to 3 Broadway plays.

21-Been on the Subway.

22-Bought a stolen purse out of a studio apartment from a shady guy.

23-Given hundreds of dollars to various homeless people.

24-Been Wakeboarding in a lake full of alligators.

25-Forgiven every person who has hurt me.

26-Dated a girl, only to find out that I am really not a lesbian.

27-Been on a roller coaster.

28-Danced in the rain.

29-Kissed in the rain.

30-Owned snakes.

31-Been snorkeling.

32-Been parasailing.

33-Stayed up all night and then worked a 12 hr. shift.

34-Lived on my own.

35-Been to an art show.

36-Won an award for my art.

37-Made straight A's in high school.

38-Changed someone's strong opinion on something that was important to me.

39-Puked on the floor in my old high school cafeteria in front of everyone. Yes, I was morbidly embarrassed.

40-Eaten lunch alone, in a bathroom stall.

41-Fallen through a fish tank.

42-Gone around to each co-worker/boss and told them exactly how I felt about them before quitting.

43-Been in the back of a police car.

44-Loved an animal.

45-Offered help to a stranded person who then told me that God sent me to him.

46-Been to a nude beach.

47-Held a wild baby sea turtle in my hands.

48-Been to the southern most point of the contiguous United States.

49-Found love.

50-Found God.

There is so much more that I wish to add to this list. But I think that in my 22 years, there are some pretty neat things on here.
NoWhiteFlag NoWhiteFlag
22-25, F
May 10, 2012