49 Things In 49 Years

1. Was born
2. Had my appendix out
3. Had my tonsils out
4. Got my first dog Tina
5.Found my best friend Suzanne
6.Broke my leg the first time
7. Got my period
8. Became an aunt for the first time to Eric
9. Made the tennis team as a freshman
10. Began my 30 year career at the jiffy mart
11. Became an aunt for the second time to Adam
12. Lost my virginity
13. Met Mike and Ella
14. Reconnected with my spiritual side
15. Chose a career
16. Got a scholarship
17 Fell in love
18 Diagnosed with cervical lymphoma
19. Became an aunt for the third time to Zach
20. My dog Tina died
21. Bought my first new car, the mustang
22. Beat cancer
23. Found my soul mate
24. Lost my soulmate to breast cancer
25. Graduated college
26. Began working for riverside
27. Found Betsy and buddy
28. Bought my first and only house
29. Got married
30. Found Brittany
31. Baylee found me
32. Got my masters degree
33. My Uncle **** died
34. My uncle Charlie died
35. Began three years of fertility treatments
36. Failed at becoming a parent
37. My dad died suddenly
38. Found my long lost friend Cathy
39. Discovered my husband had a secret life, depression and alcohol
40. Left my husband
41. Lost my long lost friend Cathy again
42. Broke my leg for the second time
43. Met my friend Marji
44. Lost buddy and Betsy 6 months part
45. Sold my house
46. Moved home
47. Bought a condo
48. Saw nephew #2 marry his love
49. Lost my beloved rosemary

Amala82962 Amala82962
46-50, F
May 16, 2012