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Mahal's 50 At Age 45

  1. I became a mother at 33.

  2. I've been on top of Mt. Rainier.

  3. I've climbed the stairs up to the Statue of Liberty's crown.

  4. I've been on the observation deck of the Sears tower.

  5. I've been on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

  6. I've been on the observation deck of the Space Needle.      

  7. I've spoken in front of the Appropriations Committee at my State Capital Building.

  8. I've voted in every presidential election, state and local elections since I turned 18.

  9. I've been to Disneyland in CA, Disney World in FL and Hong Kong Disney.

  10. I was co-President of my daughter's school PTO for 4 years. 

  11. I was a Girl's Scout volunteer for 5 years. 

  12. I went to Middle School and High School with TV and movie stars.

  13. I've had sex underneath the Santa Monica Pier.

  14. I had tenth row seats to the Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 Victory Tour at Dodger Stadium.

  15. My first concert was The Police “Ghost in the Machine” tour. 

  16. I had my first kiss in the 5th grade.

  17. I had my first boyfriend in 7th grade.

  18. I have only one biological daughter but I have other children (childhood friends of my daughter) that regularly call me “Mom”.

  19. I skipped 2nd grade.

  20. I’ve met many TV and movie stars and famous music artists.

  21. I’ve watched numerous concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

  22. I’ve eaten sea urchin and abalone.

  23. I’ve climbed into a cave to see bats.

  24. I haven’t worked a fulltime job in 12-years.

  25. I’ve received awards for my volunteerism.

  26. I’ve helped raised thousands of dollars and have brought resources and programs to my daughter’s school. 

  27. I’ve had police helicopters flying over my house with search lights because we kept throwing a huge parties.

  28. I’ve had sex at the Hollywood Palladium on New Year’s Eve.  

  29. I’ve never broken a bone in my body.  (Knock on wood)

  30. The last corporate job I had was as an Online Copywriter.

  31. My first job was working at a French bakery/café where I had to wear a red, white and blue outfit with a beret.

  32. I’ve worked as a dresser at a fashion show.

  33. I was home alone at my parents’ house in Los Angeles when the Northridge Earthquake hit.

  34. I’ve marched down 5th Ave. in New York City as part of a parade a few times. (Daughter was in the parade, walked along with her to take pictures.)

  35. I’ve campaigned door to door and made phone calls for a mayoral candidate.

  36. I’ve held a tarsier.

  37. I’ve had two long distance relationships.

  38. For 23 years, I slept with only one man.

  39. In high school I hung out at teen dance clubs in Los Angeles and moved onto becoming a club regular at a few adult dance clubs. 

  40. I cleared out a room full of at least 300 people including my own mother and relatives, made the mortuary people unseal my father’s casket so that my younger sister can hold my father one last time before they cremated him. (That scene would have made a dramatically bad soap opera episode.) 

  41. I’ve held an Olympic Gold Medal in my hand. 

  42. I’ve ridden the “Big Shot” on top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas when it first opened.

  43. I met my ex-husband at a department store.

  44. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.  

  45. I’ve driven over 500-miles to see a guy.

  46. I’ve had a MMF tryst.

  47. I’ve been to the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art in one day.  

  48. I’ve lived half my life on the west coast and the other half on the east coast.  I will forever be a die-hard west coaster.

  49. I've lost all my contact information (some phone numbers I’ve had for over 20 years) when I updated my IPHONE.  

  50. The love of my life and my biggest accomplishment is my daughter. 

Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 12 Responses Aug 4, 2012

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That is an amazing list!! you should be proud.

You are truly amazing... don't stop now!

Thanks for the giggles. Not feeling too amazing these days but your comment made me laugh and smile. :)

Glad I could give you that... hope you have a great day :)

You have a fascinating life.

Everything always sounds a lot better when you write it out..... :)

That's a great and diversified list.

Thank you. Writing this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. You should write yours if you havent already. Im sure it will be a great read. :)

I once wrote a story about 100 things I hate about myself. That was easier than I thought. I'll contemplate your suggestion.

100 things you hate??? really?? Is it posted here?? I want to read it.

it was under my original screen name. Hikingman. The account was deleted and hundreds of tales were lost. Sorry.


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Lots of impressive things on this list! I have to admit, number 40 actually made me feel all sappy...nice job!

Thanks Harbinger. #40 wasn't one of my better moments. I think I tried to handle it as diplomatically as I could. Maybe one of these days I will sit down and post a story about it.

I don't know exactly how you handled it, but just the fact that you would do that for your sister is awesome!

She's my baby sister....there's nothing I wouldn't do for her. I politely asked everyone to please step out of the room so that my siblings and I can have a private moment with our father. Most people saw how distraught and hysterical my sister got when they were ready to move my father. It took a little shoving to remove my mother out of the room though. She wasn't happy.

Following B here. Miss M you had had interesting times and how very brave of you to publish them here.<br />
<br />
love and peace<br />

BJC, any friend of B is a friend of mine. :) Thanks for reading my post.

Thanks and blessing to you.

I have a feeling you have a lot of great stories. It would be cool to hang with you for a day. Hopefully with a pier nearby. ;-)

Turning 20 shades red. :) Geetar, you are one of my favorite Epeeps that I would love to hang with. Wondering if I'd be rhyming at the end.

Your cool rating just went way, way higher for me.

Blushing... thank you.

I think she's just getting warmed up.

CWS, lol!!!! Id love to read your list.

Thanks Sierra. I saw this group awhile ago and thought this should be a breeze to come up with. Then when you start writing its interesting what you end up keeping and omitting.

Wow.....You've done a LOT of great, fun and naughty things in your years....Awesome list!! I totally admire you!! ♥

Pretty cool list !!! I've been to a lot of the same places over the years on both coasts but I've always lived on the East coast. And I became a father at the same age......

Its always cool to know what other things you have in common with your friends. :)