50 Things I've Done

1. Graduated high school
2. Completed at least a quarter in college (Depends when you're reading this)
3. Dated a psychotic person
4. Changed my phone number because of said person
5. Had my first kiss
6. Gotten my driver's license
7. Skinny dipped
8. Had my food handler's permit
9. Had at least one job
10. Given someone a black eye
11. Been at least to "second base" (Again, depends when you're reading this)
12. Been to Disneyland
13. Been to Universal Studios
14. Been in a hot tub
15. Had at least four dogs so far (Along with my family of course)
16. Had three girlfriends at this point
17. Been naked outside
18. Driven naked on a semi-public road at night
19. Studied Spanish
20. Began to study Italian, although I got busy and haven't been working on that
21. Held a baby
22. Babysat
23. Played the lottery
24. Put a cigarette in my mouth, though I didn't light it
25. Drank, just a little bit. Not nearly enough to get me drunk
26. Been late for school
27. Been to four proms (Small high school, 9th through 12th grade could go)
28. Helped paint a house
29. Had someone cut my head open
30. Had my heart broken
31. I've been on a plane
32. Been to Canada
33. Fell down the stairs
34. Almost drowned
35. Been in a few fist fights (Not very good, unfortunately)
36. Boxed, just casual sparring with friends
37. Played poker, but not with real money yet
38. Never learned to ride a bike
39. Been within perhaps one or two hundred feet of the White House
40. Volunteered in a restaurant
41. Been pulled over by the police. Not my fault everyone parks on the side of the road, disabling people to see whether or not anyone's coming. No injuries though, thank God
42. Quit a job because it just sucked so much, though sometimes I wish I just stuck with it
43. Had a tooth pulled
44. Taken a bite of a ghost chili. I don't recommend it haha
45. Hitch-hiked
46. Been cheated on
47. Got almost all the way through No-Shave November 2012 (It got more annoying every day lol)
48. Been completely naked in public (It was night time and only for a second while I was changing at the beach, no one was around that I'm aware of)
49. Been the high school track and field manager
50. Completed this damn list haha
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I won't write 50, but a few of the things I've achieved in my 20 years are...
1. Got my full driver licence first time
2. Passed my first year of engineering ( as one of 2 girls... that in itself was a challenge, considering I came from an all-girls school :P)
3. Worked for the Special Olympics (amazing experience!)
4. Had 5 different jobs
5. Been part of a flash mob
6. Sang at an open mic night in front of about 150 people (Terrifying! :P)
7. Avoided hospital
8. Been to 10 different countries
9. Started learning sign language
10. Slapped a guy :P
Congrats on your extensive list! :P