My Fifty

1. Saw my daughter open her eyes for the first time and see only me.

2. Gone on many night swims in a lake with and without friends, with and without swimsuits.

3. Watched sun rise from a volcano in Hawaii

4. Surfed in the Pacific Ocean

5. Made Love in the summer rain

6. Bungee Jumped off the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado

7. Taught High School English in one of the roughest schools in NYC and loved it

8. Drove across the country twice, once in a VW Micro Bus, the other time in a 72 Yellow VW Super Beatle.

9. Went on a week long camping trip in the Colorado Rockies on a bicycle

10. Woke up in a moutain medow after a horrific night of thunder storms to find wild life close by and accepting of our presence. It was like being in the Garden of Eden

11. Read as a part of a marathon session of Jame Joyce's Ulysses on Bloomsday 1998

12, Saw members of the Chieftains playing in a off the beaten path pub in Dublin.

13. Climed 5 fourteeners in Colorado, my first was Longs Peak 14,295 ft above sea level., We watched the sun rise over and above the clouds.

14. Skiing under a full moon on Loveland Pass with all the locals, taking turns driving strangers cars to ferry people whilel resting from intense runs.

15. Walked Paris at Night, partied on the Metro with French Students

16. Vangogh Museum in Amsterdam, the room where you stand in the center and all of the self portraits are looking at you and straight through you.

17. Drove through Belgium and Holland in the Spring, had breakfast in Bruges

18. Backpacked through England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

19. Saw U2 at Red Rocks in 1983, my arms are in the video Under a Blood Red Sky. We chatted with Adam Clayton before the show, before they were huge, when they were still humans.

20. Went to the World Trade Center shortly after 911, walked with Joey Ramone

21. Juggled three bean bags on the top of the Empire State Building.

22. Rode a six foot tall unicyle in parades

23. President of my College Student Government

24. Starting Quarterback my Senior Year

25. Published poetry

26. Worked at the Tattered Cover, the best bookstore in the world.

27. Outward Bound Wilderness Survival Course

28. Shook hands and talked to Bill Clinton before and after he was President.

29. Shook hands with Jimmy Carter when he was President and I was 12 years old

30. Attended a Pow Wow with Native friends

31. Played a lead role in Private Wars, a play about Vietnam Vets

32. Slept under a million stars

33. Kayaked and rafted down the Arkansas River

34. Swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic.

35. Snorkeled in Hawaii

36. Attended a wedding of a Mob Boss's daughter. It was like the movie Goodfellas

37. Saw Monet's Water Lillies at the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris

38. Wandered around a mansions in Newport, RI, in between serving food while catering.

39. Brew my own amazing beer

40. Survived a coma

41. Boogey Boarded at Seal Beach, south of Los Angeles

42. Spent a wonderful Day people watching in Central Park, NYC

43. Surived the coldest winter of my life in Boston.

44. Built by hand my own summer house in a lake, with indoor shower and kitchen

45 Pulled out and repaired the engine on a 2001 Saab 95 turbo.

46. Slept in the Maohave Desert

47. Drove to Mexico during a Spring Break

48. Practice and live Creative Visualization

49. Be a postive part of my daughter' life

50. Fell in love at first site with my now wife in Manhattan when I lived in Colorado.
thykermit thykermit
51-55, M
Dec 20, 2012