50 Things I Have Done (in Random Order)

1 Been on an airplane
2 Been to Florida,
3 Been on a cruise ship,
4 Been to Disney World,
5 Been to the Bahama's,
6 Been to New York,
7 Went camping in the Smokey Mountains,
8 Learned to Drive,
9 Driven by myself for 11 1/2 hours across the states,
10 Been to over 18 different schools growing up,
11 Walked in downtown Orlando dressed as an anime character,
12 graduated culinary school,
13 I have learned to horseback Ride,
14 Have had to put a long time pet down :(.
15 Have stayed awake 2 days in a row,
16 Have been heartbroken,
17 Have been kicked out of my parents house,
18 Have helped a homeless woman and her children,
19 Have rescued a Dog and cat,
20 Have broken my left arm,
21 Was in marching band in high school,
22 I've met a composer,
23 Became a sister again at age 21 1/2,
24 Played hide and seek with the whole neighborhood of kids,
25 Had a bon fire,
26 Pool Party,
27 Been to the statue of Liberty,
28 Watched Rag Time Play in the New York theater,
29 Went To Boston,
30 Islands of Adventure/Nick. studios,
31 Went 2 weeks without electricity during ice storm,
32 Was in my moms wedding to my step dad (10 yrs old),
33 Was in my dad's wedding to my step mom (3yrs old),
34 Thrown a bridal shower,
35 Thrown a baby shower,
36 Been to Missouri,
37 Lived in Iowa,
38 Lived in Tennessee,
39 Lived in Kentucky,
40 Been To Gaylord Opryland Hotel multiple times (to visit not stay)
41 Been to Dollywood,
42 Have had nerdy gamer debates multiple times,
43 Have attempted an online relationship,
44 Have given advice to a friend and watched them ignore it,
45 Have given up my crush to my best friend,
46 Graduated High school,
47 Bought my own car
48 Born in California
49 Sang in front of Churches
50 Been on a Mission Trip
angelexondra angelexondra
26-30, F
Jan 3, 2013